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Ideally the Conti Mod 436 in boxcalf black Would also consider the 180 loafer in brown suede or tan leather. Thanks
Hi, I am an Alden US 9D on the Barrie last. Would you happen to know if this would fit me? Anyone can help? I couldn't find information on sizing for the 82F last.
Hi Forum, Looking to pick up some new shoes in the next few months. I have my eyes out on shoes from Saint Crispins, Zonkey Boot and C&J for RL Marlow's. I am a Alden Barrie 9D and am unsure what size to pick with these brands as they are commonly discussed in UK sizing. Can I kindly ask if members can help me out. I will be needing to make an Internet order as I don't have access to these shoe brands, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Please let me know if you have a pair available.
Hi, would any body be willing to help me out with sizing for Zonkey Boot and their lasts? For reference I'm a: 8.5D Alden Barrie 8.5E EG 606 Would be greatly appreciated. I saw some Zonkey Boot shoes when I was in Tokyo last year. They looked really good from memory, but they didn't have my size at the time.
Hi, looking for a pair of NIB Alden PTB Cordovan in Colour#8 of Cigar. Please PM me if you have one on offer. Thanks, AL
Oh nice Dovers... that's just rubbing it in. Yeah, it may very well be recent issues, but still issues nonetheless. Hope everyone else has smooth dealings with EG. We oh good money so execution should be in line with what we pay.
I gave them a chance with my second pair of MTOs. This is why I'm disappointed.I'm wondering why customers here would be so forgiving of shoe issues? Hermes and even LV have impeccable quality products in my experience. I read that a member here waited 10 months for a MTO and had to go back and forth numerous times due to QC issues with the same shoes. 10 months is unacceptable to me.I believe Edward Green has too much cred.Also, unlike other brands, I'm pretty sure EG...
Aren't you mature with your name calling?Posts are 99% good stories.I question your comprehension capabilities. Typical fan boy response as well. Misguided emotions it seems.
I posted earlier about my first Edward Green MTO back in November - Just heard from my retailer that my second MTO pair had arrived, but I should not bother coming by to pick them up. Burnishing at the shoe tips was horrible and just all over the place and blotchy. Burnishing on the heel sizes was horribly done and wrinkled. I think whoever is at this workstation...
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