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Received both my navy pinstripe and grey suits. Love the flannel and perfect for the cooler months. Beautiful canvassing and wonderful materials. Pants are at the tailors. Can't wait to wear them next week. Thanks, Nick!!!
I'm in town now and am enjoying the weather. Luckily, for my wallet, you and I don't share the same shoe size!! Glws
Hughes is a great guy. I have met him twice whilst I was based in Singapore. I do know he's heavily under the pump and does a lot of work for watch stores and their customers. His prices are are very reasonable and his skins selection is top notch. He has a small desk in his studio and works late into the night. He turned around a custom alligator strap and wrapped my, now gone but not forgotten - thanks TSA, zippo up with lizard really quick for my birthday. Hughes...
I am going to have to second this!Why are all these one size too big for me?
Hi, I'm looking for a NWT/ NWOT suit. Colour preference would be light-patterned gray/ blue with white pin stripes. I'm a 42R/ 52EUR. Shipping address will be Sydney, Australia. Please PM me what you have. Edit: Forgot to mention that I'm looking for two button and dual vented jackets with flat front trousers. Thanks a lot
Hi, I will be moving to Sydney next week. I was just wondering how is the fashion situation down-under? I will be needing suits and would like some advice on where is the best place to buy high quality suits for, of course, reasonable prices. Thanks
Hi, I am looking for a NWT Dunhill Prince of Wales Single Breasted suit in 42R. Please shoot me a PM if you have one to offer. Thanks, Andrew
Hi, this thread came up in a search I did on how to measure a suit. Like the poster mentioned above, the pics aren't loading. Does anyone have an alternative link for the original post by Mr Harris?
Can anyone comment on chino fit? I ordered a 33 inch waist and usually wear size 50 EU. American sizing confuses me as it's not consistent at all
Thanks. Just measured my head, and it's just under 22.5 inches... so it looks like M could be a snug fit
New Posts  All Forums: