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Dockers are decent
Looks like Oliver People's Linford
Sadly learned that Vaccaro Shoe Repair in Scarsdale NY closed up shop after some 87 years. They were a traditional old school repair shop that never disappointed when it came to quality repairs. Would anyone have any recs in Westchester, CT, outer boroughs or any of the areas outside of NYC? Trying to save a trip into Manhattan for some repairs I need done. - Thanks Richard
Creed Aventus and Green Irish Tweed.
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Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy In my opinion, no. Well, as long as you've got the money. Others may disagree, as it does add 1/16" or whatever to the height of the sole. Any truth to some of the debate that I have read stating they are bad for the soles? I've read that they can dry out the leather causing them to crack?
I realize there have been many posts as of late on monks, however after looking them over I am still unsure where to look. I am hoping to purchase a pair of brown, cordovan or walnut monks for use with suits or casual pants. Does anyone have any options that have rubber soles (not lug) as my work conditions are not great on leather soles. Money is not a huge issue (ideally 500 or a bit more). Any help will be appreciated ...
[quote=RegisDB9;4139258] Quote: Originally Posted by willpower If Aventus is too mature for you, forget about Vintage Tabarome. VT smells like those small glass vials of Ginseng you can get just about anywhere. It's good, but wait until you're 44 for that one. It's also out of production. If you're digging manly stuff like VT, try YSL Rive Gauche. Ha, I own those on my list. Aventus especially is one of the best for me and my age group imo. It def...
Quote: Originally Posted by strongisland Wondering if anyone can share their spots for a decent hair cut to basically just restore some shape to medium length hair as I'm growing it out. I've found places to be so hit and miss that I figured I'd ask after my last 2 haircuts. Can be anywhere in the city. Not sure if it's considered reasonable but Erica Fleishman on 49th St is amazing, ask for Janney.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dynasty Could someone give me suggestions on a fresh, clean, crisp cologne that I can pick up at common department stores? I'm 21 and in college and want something I can wear everyday for any occasion and not get looks from people for wearing something overpowering. I'm hoping to get around 5 suggestions so I can compare them all and decide which one I like best. My current collection consists of the following: - Acqua...
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