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I was very happy with Martin Greenfield for the charcoal 3 piece I purchased from them for my wedding. As far as the style I had Mr. Greenfield measure me, though he is the expert and I took his advice you do have options to look at in terms of fit / style ... quality of the fabric and work is top notch and the visit to the factory is truly memorable.
Tavel is one of my favorite roses ... also if you get a chance try Gerard Boulay's Rose, made from Sancerre
Wow really liking the diamond weaves ... anyone have a picture of the brown one in action?
Garza Pindot here along with a few other Hobers. They are addiciting ...
Though not a fan of the Casio you posted, I will say I ordered a Seiko Sarb from Seiya recently and I am very impressed with the workmanship of the Japan made watches. The finish, detail and quality far exceed the lower priced watches you find here in America.
It is Charcoal Silver Fina #21
It is Charcoal Silver Fina #21 with handrolled edges, no tipping
Picked up a Seiko SARB035 from Seiya, very impressed with the quality.
I did a Sam Hober Fina Grenadine with a charcoal 3 piece suit, white shirt for my wedding earler this year, worked out very nice. You should still have time to go that route.
Most people will lead you to believe that the planning a wedding is a process akin to a root canal. Last November when I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend, I too was ready for a painful experience, little did I know those whom I came across would be individuals I would remember for the rest of my life! We decided to make the engagement short and keep our reception very small and hoped to focus on a memorable day surrounded by close family and friends. I decided the...
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