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Second this, Carl is excellent.
works great, I have a few
Second the Duomo ... Go all the way to the top, well worth the long trip up. All the churches are memorable. Trattoria da Mario to this day remains one of the best, yet simplest meals I've experienced ... only open for lunch, really small and you sit with the locals at communal tables. Leather products are popular and you can find reasonably priced items if you look Enjoy it's a beautiful city
Been very satisfied with Truman's on Madison ...Miriam is excellent. Runs about 100 for cut & manicure but well worth it.
Few good stylists in NYC including Trumans and Erica Flieshman (Janney)
I was very happy with Martin Greenfield for the charcoal 3 piece I purchased from them for my wedding. As far as the style I had Mr. Greenfield measure me, though he is the expert and I took his advice you do have options to look at in terms of fit / style ... quality of the fabric and work is top notch and the visit to the factory is truly memorable.
Tavel is one of my favorite roses ... also if you get a chance try Gerard Boulay's Rose, made from Sancerre
Wow really liking the diamond weaves ... anyone have a picture of the brown one in action?
Garza Pindot here along with a few other Hobers. They are addiciting ...
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