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Yes picked up the burnt orange. Color here is not exact, appears a bit darker in person. Nice material, heavier & stiffer with a matte finish.
Those are: I did the Madder with an six fold with rolled edges, like it a lot. The printed silk is very versatile, the normal weight and texture of a silk tie. Recently recieved one of these which I like a lot .. heavier and stiffer, did the Burgundy, great...
Here are a few blues, though never thought I'd wear a satin tie the Fermo Fossati Satin Ties has become one of my favorites. It's the darker one, 4 in.
Thanks they are awesome. Construction wise, nothing specific, I've tweaked the width as I have gone along from order to order and made them a bit narrower. As far as lining, construction and so forth I haven't really asked for much anything out of the norm. The Mulberrys are not as hefty as the Grossa .. more akin to the Fina weave. Next time I wear one I'll post a pic so you can get a feel for the knot and drape. Gotta admit I'm 100% converted to the Hober ties ... it's...
The rust appears a bit "redder" than in person. For comparison purposes it's next to the Chocolate and Bitter Chocolate Grossa. The Mulberry are Steel Blue and Sky Blue.
If you're set on rust you may want to check out the Mulberrywood Weave in rust. Just got one myself, very happy with the Mulberry weave (also did a few other colors) overall. They have more of a sheen to them than the grenadines, not as much texture and are wonderful ties.
Second this, Carl is excellent.
works great, I have a few
Second the Duomo ... Go all the way to the top, well worth the long trip up. All the churches are memorable. Trattoria da Mario to this day remains one of the best, yet simplest meals I've experienced ... only open for lunch, really small and you sit with the locals at communal tables. Leather products are popular and you can find reasonably priced items if you look Enjoy it's a beautiful city
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