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exactly...from u made....
natural cxl LHS on hampton last today. I think a really nice neutral spring shoe.
Agreed...i have a dark beater levis that i wear with faded/washed jeans, and a lighter wash one for darker jeans.more often than not, use them a lot as layering pieces, so under sport coats or outerwear.the best cardigan
New vans with my bom003
Where is that jacket from? Awesome! Glad to have you back posting
I've decided I want a deep indigo type II or type III jacket. how badass would that be.
Wow those are great.Current BOM003
Seconds list? I haven't gotten one recently...11d anyone?Ps love the white suede saddle those are great
Cigar beales and boM005
i thought leffot was just reordering the black naval boot...not going #8.
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