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Seconds list? I haven't gotten one recently...11d anyone?Ps love the white suede saddle those are great
Cigar beales and boM005
i thought leffot was just reordering the black naval boot...not going #8.
^^allow me to demonstrate... Today, first day in #8 straight tip bluchers. my second stock shoe in the family... I pretty much live in denim, but feel confident that this can be a dressier casual shoe and also cross over for more formal occasions. Part of me wants to follow the cigar route and do antique edge, welt (as the cigar shell version of this shoe has), but would wait a bit for that.
Oh yes it's time..love these guys and how comfy they are.Thanks for the comp! I like to match my shirt with the inseam stich color when possible haha
Milkshake Mondays...
if you dont own any deep indigo or grand indigo, i'd say get both. i have the bom003 and love them, and have the bom005 coming tomorrow!they both do very different things and are premium examples/executions of both...
whiskey bal day: been waiting for spring for a WHILE
he got a few other coworkers to corroborate his story, so revenge will be served ice cold to them all. and yes , I am in deep haha....
So....to the only people on the planet who would appreciate this story: I was traveling today and I was notified by UPS that my #8 straight tip bluchers arrived at my desk. One of my coworkers, clearly knowledgable of my addiction, emailed me saying that another office mate had seen the Alden box and curiosity and brought him to open it (I work in the fashion industry) and TRY ON THE SHOES. In a frenzy, I emailed back, asking if they had been creased. They had. Mail...
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