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for the loden green double monk advocates (or skeptics), instagram spoke to me today in favor of this shoe.
nice! some traction on the loden. If we went boot, I would prefer the Anderson Jumper boot, which would be amazing and look really rugged yet refined in that colo:slayer:r.double monk strap still my #1 in loden...
double monk! Horween definitely makes a dark green shell cordovan. would be a great shoe
Loden shell double monk?
would love to see a group shot of your alden family. Have become increasingly convinced you have one of the best collections among us!
nice new make up on the bureau. if i didn't have the beales in cigar from u made, would be sorely tempted.
Seconded I have not recieved
double post
great work jay! now that we're at the 6 month mark of the contest, how bout we all submit current pics on saturday/sunday?
My first Alden's EVER...a mxas present my senior year in highschool from brooks brothers. black calfskin full strap loafers...beat to hell and in dire need of a factory restore.
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