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new pick up! big ups to Katch for making this happen BBBF shell longwings on grant last. been wanting these for a while. will most likely wear casually with lighter pants, rather than dark denim.
amazing looking shoes, well done! let's see some maiden voyage pics...i love whiskey LWB, but part of me always gravitates towards "sleeker" shoes in whiskey. I have the cap toe balmorals from alden NY and now some saddle shell double monks from carmina, and i feel like the next one would be LHS or maybe LWB.
another funky idea, snakeskin slip ons. clean, elegant, outrageous. this shoe, in the swatch of python. ]
for the loden green double monk advocates (or skeptics), instagram spoke to me today in favor of this shoe.
nice! some traction on the loden. If we went boot, I would prefer the Anderson Jumper boot, which would be amazing and look really rugged yet refined in that colo:slayer:r.double monk strap still my #1 in loden...
double monk! Horween definitely makes a dark green shell cordovan. would be a great shoe
Loden shell double monk?
would love to see a group shot of your alden family. Have become increasingly convinced you have one of the best collections among us!
nice new make up on the bureau. if i didn't have the beales in cigar from u made, would be sorely tempted.
Seconded I have not recieved
New Posts  All Forums: