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my alden irregular natural chromexcel indy boots in 11.5 d came in today. there is nothing irregular about them, except how irregularly awesome they are. Tiny indented "scrapes" (i am hesitant to use that word as there is no blemish in the coloring, just a tiny indent) are on the outside of the left shoe, but it disapears when you put the shoe on. . Sadly, I think i may send them back (half a size big, saving up for whiskey longwings). someone should DEFINITELY pick these...
APC petit standards, 29, after 13 months of hard wear. 1 dry clean at 11 month and two pretty major crotch repairs and I think these might be ready for the big dance in the washing machine. thoughts? I'd try and make it through the summer but i feel bad for anyone around me (they will get pretty funky up here in sweaty NYC)
i'm interested! feel free to pm me
I've answered my own question: the shoe healer in the UK can do it. check out their tab titled "goodyear welted shoe modifications"
Quote: Originally Posted by Stuart the Hungry Wow those are bright reds. I hope that's just the lighting yeah they are! are those #4? could also be the "dark cherry" that the florsheim duckie brown guys got from horween for their LWB
my feet are too pure for the trubalance last and thus have never touched them. but yes, I will call middleborough on my direct line and see what they say (from a red phone on my bedside table, i might add)
^ Yeah, I was slightly afraid that might be the case. besides eyeballing them, is there any way to know for sure what last they are built on?
yeah maybe i will, though my feet are historically "narrow" maybe that'll widen up the toe box just enough without having to go up to 11.5
Hey guys, Making room in the closet for some new arrivals, and happy to bring you these in 10.5 D. Very light wear (check out the sole pics), these are in great shape and have been stored with shoe trees. I took one pic with flash to give you a sense of how awesome these can look in a certain life, and they are well on their way to a great patina. I think these fit pretty close to the Alden Barrie Last, and $595 new, I will ship these CONUS for...
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