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consider me interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by Islander Is the brown chromexcel Pitt boot the same as the Context Roy boot except for the sole? I know they are Barrie vs. Trubalance, but any other differences? I would say yes, and it's a mighty fine make up as well. i actually much prefer it to the roy the more I look at it.
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 Thanks! I'm just worried, if I buy them too tight, when they are washed, they will shrink to tag-size and be too small again! i wouldn't worry about that at all; you wont get any fade gains by nuking them in the dryer. if you're really worried about it, I would let the jeans hang dry for a while and then put them on while they're still a little damp and let em dry the rest of the way on you.
great service, communication, and shipping from steve smith. thanks for the boots sir!
at this point, i'd say they're almost a 33. they start at 31 measured when you buy them and stretched a ton for me (but i bought them insanely tight....that top button was a five minute struggle in the fitting room). now they are just nice slim straight denims for me... as for the wash, i think i'm gonna try and hold out till august 1 and then they will meet their maker. Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 Do it! Also, you couldn't tell me...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer $399 BIN for mint condition Whiskey shell longwings in 10.5 D, someone swoop em up do you really buy that those were worn only 4 times? seems like a lot of crease action of such few wears...
yeah saw that union made one too, looks exactly the same as Leffot's in burnished tan calf
does anyone else notice that the baggier the fit, the better the fade? my bro in law wears his apc NS pretty loose and they already look pretty darn good for 5 months in... i guess tight jeans get crisp, sharp lines while looser ones somehow feel more natural
beautiful! how much for the roys haha
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