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at this point, i'd say they're almost a 33. they start at 31 measured when you buy them and stretched a ton for me (but i bought them insanely tight....that top button was a five minute struggle in the fitting room). now they are just nice slim straight denims for me... as for the wash, i think i'm gonna try and hold out till august 1 and then they will meet their maker. Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 Do it! Also, you couldn't tell me...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer $399 BIN for mint condition Whiskey shell longwings in 10.5 D, someone swoop em up do you really buy that those were worn only 4 times? seems like a lot of crease action of such few wears...
yeah saw that union made one too, looks exactly the same as Leffot's in burnished tan calf
does anyone else notice that the baggier the fit, the better the fade? my bro in law wears his apc NS pretty loose and they already look pretty darn good for 5 months in... i guess tight jeans get crisp, sharp lines while looser ones somehow feel more natural
beautiful! how much for the roys haha
what size are the shoes...can you put up your own pics too?
Some lucky bastard in a 12 needs to grab these right now on sale...cordo boots for less than calfskin! http://www.unionmadegoods.com/Alden_...dovan_232.html
saw those...and by a dozen times he really means 30. definitely not pretty... Quote: Originally Posted by terradilavoro hi folks, this hurts to see http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...=STRK:MEWAX:IT when i read this .... and saw the pics "...These were absolutely perfect (not factory seconds or anything like that) and have been worn about a dozen times...." cheers Joachim
where are those ravello LHS from?!
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