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Quote: Originally Posted by senchao Hey, could you PM me or post the measurements? Seconded: you look like you wear a 38-40 suit, not a 44. Is this jacket sized by shoulder or other?
Quote: Originally Posted by deem Hey everyone, I would like to buy the Filson duffle bag size medium or large. Slightly used is ok. I would like to try to get it by thursday or friday for a weekend trip, so please pm me asap. Thanks! I'm pretty sure there is one in the B&S "Other" Thread...
Quote: Originally Posted by number9dream Do the LHS's have decent arch support? Most loafers do not (and make my feet hurt as a result). i believe there is a steel shank in the LHS for some support. But they also have a low instep and for some that can be an issue...
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Why couldn't you wear these w/denim? I def can wear it with denim, but I'm an apc petit standard guy vs a Levis 501 guy. I guess it's about being overly preppy haha... Quote: Originally Posted by HorseHide +1 But...understand how the Van last fits (for me it isn't as simple as just sizing down a half size like with the Barrie) Totally agree on van last being tricky to fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur whiskey lhs Saw a pair of these for sale used, worthwhile purchase for a guy who wears denim 6 days a week?
Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG I know these aren't the WP PG boots but this LS makeup is worthy of consideration...http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/201...boot-lsw-lsbh/ That is exactly what I wanted the MTO group to make, in ravello or cigar shell. Sigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks So the million dollar (400-500 dollar) question... WHICH COLOR Indy Boot seems to fit me because it has the lowest profile among the SF-endorsed boots. Better for all the biking I will be doing I suppose. I guess I'll wait a year because I just don't feel comfortable with a pair of $400-500 boots sitting around a dorm room. I'll stick to the Katahdins and Desert Boots for now. I don't know where you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Roguls Gentlemen, somehow I scored the Cigar Pitt boots, so, I will be selling my Black Shell Pitt boots shortly. They are a size 10, so PM me if you are interested before they go to the B/S. They are like new, worn a half dozen times. post some pics of those cigar boots pronto when the come in!
Indeed, but the Mac method is posted and reblogged all over SF. In a nutshell, the mac method calls for NO polish but instead emphasizes the value of cleaning cordovan shoes with a damp cloth, followed by vigorous horsehair brushing and buffing with a flannel cloth--the guiding philosophy being that cordovan is naturally lustrous and that colored paste will eventually dull the natural sheen of the leather
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