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^ Looking good...do you guys prefer these to the roys? I ran into sam from context at capsule this week wearing his and they looked pretty awesome. which one is better?
I hear you on the speedhooks, though sometimes I think it's weird to have speedhooks with blind eyelets--having metal accents on only half of the facing seems off to me but maybe that's not as much of a big deal.
barrie most likely, unless a custom make up.
In the last few weeks we have seen a few great cigar boot make ups, and while the Pitt boots were spectacular, I'd be more in favor of a slightly more detailed make up. I love the LS sleeker take on the jumper boot seen here http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/07/08/alden-shoes-alpine-perf-tip-boot-lsw-lsbh/I think that in cigar, on the barrie, with a commando sole would be ultimate fall boot. thoughts?
^WOW!!! There's really not much more you can say about those boots. fantastico....
do you accept layaway? sigh...
Mac, how frequently do you method?
go trade in those PS in the Butler jeans program and get half off a pair that fits!
ooh, maybe a cordo/pebble grain combo like this guy...
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