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i love the 6 eyelet chukka.... make a brogue version already! (in cordo) PSA: What must be those J.Crew stylist ebay accounts are unloading a bunch of new indy boots, chukkas, and even some perf toe cordo boots at around 20% off.
"Man, I was all set to place an order, but now I want to see what's coming in." the tradeshow's were for spring 2012...so you have a while to wait for those haha. however, early fall should be arriving in the next couple weeks....
^ just had that conversation with someone yesterday; APC is definitely on the verge of pricing themselves out of their niche as affordable raw denim (now made in Macau, not tunesia FYI) and another company is DEFINITELY going to eat their lunch soon. Who it will be is unclear; I'm not really a fan of naked and famous and from what i can see on 3sixteen site the fits seem off (though I think the model isn't helping). that being said, i do love the fits and they look great...
http://www.styleforum.net/forum/thread/11022/post-pics-of-your-denim/6030#post_4590521 these....sorry
About to give these the sea water recipe this weekend! will post pics... have my new pair(s) line up; another petit standard in 29 and a new standard in 30; a fit I've never owned and am finding a need for when drainpipe denim is not called for. I always assumed that i'd be the same waist size in all fits but the higher rise in new standard really makes a difference. at the end of the day, i almost feel like i could have sacked up for one amazing pair of jeans like...
reedo, what are those green chino lookin things in that same outfit?
^ Looking good...do you guys prefer these to the roys? I ran into sam from context at capsule this week wearing his and they looked pretty awesome. which one is better?
I hear you on the speedhooks, though sometimes I think it's weird to have speedhooks with blind eyelets--having metal accents on only half of the facing seems off to me but maybe that's not as much of a big deal.
barrie most likely, unless a custom make up.
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