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Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur whiskey lhs Saw a pair of these for sale used, worthwhile purchase for a guy who wears denim 6 days a week?
Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG I know these aren't the WP PG boots but this LS makeup is worthy of consideration...http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/201...boot-lsw-lsbh/ That is exactly what I wanted the MTO group to make, in ravello or cigar shell. Sigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks So the million dollar (400-500 dollar) question... WHICH COLOR Indy Boot seems to fit me because it has the lowest profile among the SF-endorsed boots. Better for all the biking I will be doing I suppose. I guess I'll wait a year because I just don't feel comfortable with a pair of $400-500 boots sitting around a dorm room. I'll stick to the Katahdins and Desert Boots for now. I don't know where you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Roguls Gentlemen, somehow I scored the Cigar Pitt boots, so, I will be selling my Black Shell Pitt boots shortly. They are a size 10, so PM me if you are interested before they go to the B/S. They are like new, worn a half dozen times. post some pics of those cigar boots pronto when the come in!
Indeed, but the Mac method is posted and reblogged all over SF. In a nutshell, the mac method calls for NO polish but instead emphasizes the value of cleaning cordovan shoes with a damp cloth, followed by vigorous horsehair brushing and buffing with a flannel cloth--the guiding philosophy being that cordovan is naturally lustrous and that colored paste will eventually dull the natural sheen of the leather
And chorizo with breakfast is the best...like gstaad. If you get that reference you are my hero
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Denim? I just had some chorizo this morning BTW-- amazing. NO homo I thought it would be too much blue but my apc's are pretty faded up top. That and I don't wear no whackis (aka chinos)
these arrived recently thanks unionmade!
Hello all, I recently sized down to purchase these off a SF member and they are simply too small. They have only been tried on a carpet indoors for about 5 minutes and that's all it took. I'm sad to see these boots go as they truly are the finest #8 boot ever made. I will ship these to you in the CONUS for $OLD ($1000 retail), do not expect rounds of drops because this is an extremely reasonable price for this amazing and exceptional boot. Sizing. These are 10.5 and...
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