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did a nice swap with jdpirtl...my #4 wt boots didn't fit quite right and neither did his ravello plaza last indy boots from frans boone, so we made a trade! these are great, and my first ravello! the plaza last changes the character so much i love these bad boys
Hi! can you please post more pictures of carmina in green cordovan? would like to see a more full shot of a shoe!thanks!
hey steve,can you put up a pic of the full strap loafer sans flash, or in natural light? been on the tipping point about grabbing these in whiskey or ravello and would love to see more!
but in this shape...
Hi Loden peeps,looking forward to seeing a pic of carminas loden hides in stock....wanted to get a read on whether we'd prefer a greely or jumper boot. I think the more rugged boot would be fantastic in this color, but maybe we can do both.are we all still feeling the double monk?I also think that bal boot with green shell bottom and snuff suede shaft would be superb, or something along those lines with contrasthere is a crockett & jones calf/suede boot in those colorways...
adding longwingloden shell:Salinger double monkAnderson Jumper BootLongwing broguehere is a quick summary of members who've expressed an interest in a Loden make up. we are already at a pretty good # to make a mindigletthanoi boymr chorizokid america 17frank copwerwoodsteven Tmister jesterfiesta platypus
I'd say tough! Danite and storm sounds great.We should start a list for the Loden make upsSalinger double monk (brown edge trim)Anderson jumperAny other takers?
shipley and halmos rhodes..last year's
black fleece in the wild
i mean, c'mon. these in loden green shell would be bananas
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