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this loden frenzy started with the double monks, which seem to have been left by the wayside
milkshake indy boots anchoring the look today...
in the previous run, some smaller sizes came with black edge, but some also came with antique edge as ordered. ah yes, the joys of alden qc
if you had to pick, whiskey LHS or Full strap loafer? a few months ago, i would have almost instantaneously said LHS, but something about the low vamp seems very elevated and the more casual tan whiskey color
A bit pimp for moi
Any dice on green double monks?
I would love that in the plain toe slipper model
did a nice swap with #4 wt boots didn't fit quite right and neither did his ravello plaza last indy boots from frans boone, so we made a trade! these are great, and my first ravello! the plaza last changes the character so much i love these bad boys
Hi! can you please post more pictures of carmina in green cordovan? would like to see a more full shot of a shoe!thanks!
hey steve,can you put up a pic of the full strap loafer sans flash, or in natural light? been on the tipping point about grabbing these in whiskey or ravello and would love to see more!
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