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Here are the befores…...
After going in the wash, my BOM003 are currently drying on my body as they've never been soaked, and already i can feel them shrinking up. should have some good before/after shots tonight!
I've been getting some good wear on my BOM003….I think getting ready for a dry clean or wash. any thoughts as to what the right way to go is? I'm tempted to just throw them in the wash.
Sizing question for you guys... If I wear 11d in Alden's van last for loafers, and can wear 11.5 in Aberdeen and Hampton last, could I wear 11 in EG's Piccadilly loafer? It's a similar shape...
Very clean look. I feel like I rarely see non cuffed jeans with such a clean break. Makes me want to take mine to the tailor
these! so beautiful. considering unloading a pair of aldens (or two) to fund Green
Also, I was in Alden NY recently and noticed they have a great pair of shell loafers. LHS on the GRANT last. It's a great hybrid between the dressier shape and profile of the Full Strap loafer, and the more subtle half strap LHS that is usually found in Van last make ups. it's on this page, but definitely worth consideration.
Ravello Plaza Indy's shot indoors vs Cigar Beale PTB outside....crazy how much color depth shell can convey.
Cigar PT Boots....only size 11 left.
Hello! Great bal boot make up here
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