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Ravello Plaza Indy's shot indoors vs Cigar Beale PTB outside....crazy how much color depth shell can convey.
Cigar PT Boots....only size 11 left. http://www.fransboonestore.com/store/Brands-Men/alden/alden-x-frans-boone-pt-boot-cigar-cordovan
Hello! Great bal boot make up here
just saw these for the first time....i think these are fantastic http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/AldenForJCrew/PRDOVR~02022/02022.jsp
mixed media boot idea: Saw this edward green boot and nearly lost it....so good looking. I think we could make up something amazing along these lines for fall. Cognac shell vamp with darker brown scotch grain upper? navy shell bottoms with black pebble upper? anyone have any other combos to offer?
definitely done a few crotch repairs, and one hole on the front right thigh. same for the tear that was below the right back pocket.I have 2 other pairs in rotation that I'm working on, but I think i'll just keep destryoing and patching this pair for as long as i can..
petit standards. roughly 3 years, 1 dry clean, 1 ocean rinse, 1 wash. could use some form of cleaning soon.... [/URL
leffot marble indy's with a well worn/repaired apc petit standards.....
my info is in for this...personally i think commando sole on suede doesnt make a ton of sense would love crepe though
getting some good patina on these cigar beale's
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