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petit standards. roughly 3 years, 1 dry clean, 1 ocean rinse, 1 wash. could use some form of cleaning soon.... [/URL
leffot marble indy's with a well worn/repaired apc petit standards.....
my info is in for this...personally i think commando sole on suede doesnt make a ton of sense would love crepe though
getting some good patina on these cigar beale's
I would love to see a calf/suede make up on this pattern. shell might be cool too. Navy calf/navy suede would be awesome.
So where are these from? Never saw a reply but these are flawless
tan suede LWB
this loden frenzy started with the double monks, which seem to have been left by the wayside
milkshake indy boots anchoring the look today...
in the previous run, some smaller sizes came with black edge, but some also came with antique edge as ordered. ah yes, the joys of alden qc
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