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Marble Indy...
i own these...they are my favorite pair of alden's by far. i definitely want the #8 version
Innsbruck Indy's on Christmas Eve....
I did the exact same thing--I'm not sure I regret it, but I haven't been wearing my antique edge longwings much. need to break em out.
such a good shoe. one of my two stock aldens.
Pretty cool Tanker just rolled into Epaulet NYC. The antique welt and edge goes v well with the contrast stitch.
Does anyone have some good pictures of a #8 PLAZA LAST NST Boot in the wild? would love to see....
Sizing question...there is a plaza boot in a c width in the size that i usually take d in. Think I can get away with it?
Seconded ^, been looking for oak Piccadilly on sale
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