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Epaulet Innsbruck indys at a sock hop
Also…these! http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/new-arrivals/39910h-captoe-boot.html Would be great in pretty much any color/leather.
A quick shot of my color 8 fleet... Thoughts on next line of kin in this color?
thanks for the above! definitely interesting to see… I like the idea of a clunky single monk with denim…can't see these so much with a suit
Anyone have any photos of these in the wild? Very different for a single monk…quite a few pairs floating around on ebay…
whoa...weird wholecut balmoral in natty cxl up on need supply. never seen this from alden before!
sup dudes! wearing mine today...though also in need of a blow out repair. photos coming, but here's roughly where i'm at..
Cigar PTB's in a familiar setting...
King LWB w Antique edge, many thanks to Leffot. Seen a few great shots this week on here of the 975 and sometimes I regret getting rid of those for these! [/URL]
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