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Interesting make-up just hit the J.Crew Ludlow store in TriBeCa.. Black Shell NST Tanker Boot on crepe sole, black edgetrim, and brass eyelets. assuming trubalance last. There was also a color 8 dover PTD w antique edging, double leather sole, and matched eyelets (if i recall correctly)
Thanks for the for the very thorough reply! Have a pair of narrow en route, fingers crossed.
First pair of EG on maiden voyage, Nutmeg Cardiff. DOAK Piccadilly in the mail
Picadilly sizing question here; How much difference would going down from a E width to a D width? Is there any shortening of the the length when you go down a width? Have tried on the E width in the same size as I wear in Alden Van last and it felt a little roomy but not far off. Thanks
First pair of EG arrived today. Pics to be shared. V excited
The full strap is such an underrated model. I think it's a classic loafer in the top tier along with the LHS and EG Piccadilly
Ravello plaza Indys in frigid NYC, post reno and cordovan creme
Grant Last #8? Looks great. There is an 11d on the irregular list that looks v tempting.
For sale: A pair of black shell cordovan shortwings, an exclusive to Leathersoul! This rare make up has sold out quickly in both runs that Leather soul has produced, and it's a great business and casual shoe. Excellent condition, these have been worn less than 10 times, and have a lifetime of wear left in them. They are fabricated on the Barrie last, which runs lightly big. Please be sure to know your Alden size as returns will not be accepted. Will ship within the...
Im really on the fence about hopping on the preorder list for the Navy CXL Greenwich boots from Leffot. Does anyone have any full wardrobe shots of these in the wild? I figure these would be almost exclusively a boot to wear with denim. Any thoughts?
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