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sup dudes! wearing mine today...though also in need of a blow out repair. photos coming, but here's roughly where i'm at..
Cigar PTB's in a familiar setting...
King LWB w Antique edge, many thanks to Leffot. Seen a few great shots this week on here of the 975 and sometimes I regret getting rid of those for these! [/URL]
11D irregular list has Navy CXL LHS on it...first i've seen of that make up and a good score.
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Shell Longwings on Leydon Last. on the whole, a fairly aggressive September look...
I have both the Greenwich boot and Insbruck Indy, and I agree that I get more snow/slush/ice swear out of the Greenwich. both are great!
Cigar beales in ze airport
Belated whiskey Wednesday, channeling Alcibiades' cigar...
Any photos of the Leffot black shell Walter boot in the wild? would love to see
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