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whoa...weird wholecut balmoral in natty cxl up on need supply. never seen this from alden before!
sup dudes! wearing mine today...though also in need of a blow out repair. photos coming, but here's roughly where i'm at..
Cigar PTB's in a familiar setting...
King LWB w Antique edge, many thanks to Leffot. Seen a few great shots this week on here of the 975 and sometimes I regret getting rid of those for these! [/URL]
11D irregular list has Navy CXL LHS on it...first i've seen of that make up and a good score.
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Shell Longwings on Leydon Last. on the whole, a fairly aggressive September look...
I have both the Greenwich boot and Insbruck Indy, and I agree that I get more snow/slush/ice swear out of the Greenwich. both are great!
Cigar beales in ze airport
Belated whiskey Wednesday, channeling Alcibiades' cigar...
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