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Hi, I was wondering if the 7oz rivet chinos are a discontinued product. I can't find them on the website.
Love this chinos!!
Like your Bartlett, Great fit, imo, It doesn't look short at all.
Best t-shirt I own is an Albam (english label) made in egyptian cotton, it's a very silky and soft t-shirt, amazing to wear in a beautiful dark blue color, quite similar to the Epla tee. Hope one day to grab an epaulet tee, i'm sure it is an amazing product like all the clothes i already own.
Hi, I sent you an offer.
Still looking for epaulet chinos...
Hi guys, do you think a good taylor can adapt a size 30 rivet chino in a 31.5? is there enough texture to let this happen? thanks
Looking for Epaulet chino in size 31 or 32 shipped to Italy. Let me know your best offer shipped to Italy..
are they winter or summer heavy?
Yesterday my brother in law was in Florence to visit Pitti uomo too! That's true, These are really hot days in Italy!!
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