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I have a Medium Barbour Commander which I just bought and have only worn twice. It's a little tight for my liking and I'm looking to size up to an L.
New peacoat is up! Just copped a navy.
Sanforization typically includes a water/steam. Not sure if the heat press method does.
Very happy with my Okayama Spirits. Easily comparable to the Onis/Japan Heritage. Perhaps, even better.
Kill yourself.
Given that they're closing the line, I would say no.
Also interested to know more
Looked bigger than a 9, that's for sure. I'd guess 11, 12? Not sure what size you are - you may want to call.
I just bought a pair today from B2 on Queen St. W. They had 1 pair in rust, and 1 pair in brown. The rust just happened to be my size. On sale for $275 too.
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