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bulgari ph soir. i wonder if extreme is nice. i like this one well enough.
vintage raybans sort of came in nice soft leather cases with some plastic for the nose pad to keep them in place. i'd have those copied but unsure how one can get them custom.
LOL +1 on birdwell. volcom makes a few. just a little bit shorter. buttons instead of laces. mine's a plain midnight blue with some star moon pattern. it's my fave pair after ditching all the quicksilver/ billabong shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Ewan McGregor. I can definitely see him wearing neopolitan stuff on film. hmm... good call! he's worn thom browne well in the past.
i'm a fan. <-----
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel +1000
Quote: Originally Posted by Sander I don't get Alan Flusser. His clothes just don't look good. you mean the clothes he wears? yeah sure i guess i could agree. but his shop is awesome.
i'm buying a solid green pair of villebrequin. i don't look good in shorts. i look like a big kid lol! so only at the beach and never when wearing shoes.
i liked what he wore in the earlier seasons. maybe only the first. youthful stuff. like an evil prepster. maybe that's what people were comparing you guys to. the geo f. trumper jr. style not so much.
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