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All you'd ever want to know on the subject can be found at this fashion site: http://lustythreads.com/
Jon - Yup.
Quote: It would be hard to beat Hanro in quality or apperance. Yeah - I know - I'm predjudiced and that this is a blatant advertisement. However, there is NO t-shirt that even comes close to a quality comparison with the Zimmerli Pureness MicroModal & Lycra. Certainly not the Hanro division of Jockey. Pureness is made to be worn as outerwear. MicroModal is a relatively new miracle fabric made of 100% cellulose. The fiber is SO fine that 10,000...
Dr. Tom: I think even Thor would approve of this being termed a Thong.
Another member and current T&A customer told me yesterday that T&A's lowest decent shirt is now $410 with their new 2005 price list. All of the European mfgs have now re-priced based on the current US$ vs the Euro, Pound, Franc, etc. Humph. Time to raise my prices.
Paris Shirtmakers - NYC Jack Anto - LA Barton & Donaldson - Philly
Ahhh ... the absolute luxury of being one of the only buyers in a hall with hundreds of vendors. Thank you, God, for this wonderful snowstorm. Talk about being King for a Day. And for all of you peons who didn't want to get your feet wet and are going Monday or Tuesday: Rest assured - if it was any good, those of we brave souls bought it all up on Sunday. Enjoy the leftovers.
Handle ... Wash ... Dry Carefully ... Coldly ... Heatlessly.
A G-string has a front triangle covering the groin which is connected by elastic strings. A Thong has a front triangle covering the groin which is connected by flat panels (usually quite narrow) which are wider than strings. I'm pretty good at "whats". For "whys", it's MAnton's or Andy's turn. Although I hear Chuck has a great degree of familiarity with the subject of G-strings. He's from Texas, you know. I hear that G-strings are their weapon of choice for shooting...
Love to. How can we?
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