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Quote: Originally Posted by plazdiddy thanks alexander for the wonderful advice! should i bother with that or would it be a better idea to bring them back for an exchange/refund? the materials of these shirts are rather delicate, and im a little scared that scorching the underside will probably show through. You can request a new collar, but it is going to be made the same as the present collar and you'll probably end up with the same problem....
That's bad fusing ... which can be exacerbated by a dry cleaner running their pressing bucks too hot - which many do. Turn the collar over. Heat your iron to the hottest setting. Have a friend stretch the collar band flat and as taut as possible on the ironing table and hold it in that position. Sit the iron on the underside of the collar where the bubbling is until it is very hot - about 60-70 seconds. Press down on the iron with all of your might and hold for 20-30...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Thanks Alex. As Vaclav might say: I'm afraid, that showing up at CSE, would only serve, to higlight my poverty. Embarrassment would be, my only clothing. If I may say so, pretension would be the only embarrassment. CSE is a gathering of friends in which group you and J most certainly belong at the top. (But I won't object if you leave Astoria at home).
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Alright dude, where's the blonde from last year? We aim to please ... So are you ever going to show up and meet her in person? (And bring the birthday boy with you!)
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Nice summary - thank you Thank you. AK
After a week buried in the photo selection program (two full-time photographers is two too many!), here are a few photos from the event. FRIDAY: SATURDAY: Hope to see you next year, Friday, February 29th & Saturday, March 1st, 2008. AK
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'm happy to hear that - thanks for clarifying - I thought it meant no jeans, flip flops or t-shirts. If only that combination is forbidden, then the dress code is actually pretty flexible. (btw the probability of seeing anyone in that outfit in the NYC winter is quite slim to begin with) That's what we thought ... until the last CSE - also in March. Hence, the Rule.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Can one stop by without a formal invitation / RSVP ? I didn't get one yet No. Nobody whose name is not on the guest list will be admitted as we are bound by the suite's occupancy limits. Though some time slots are full, others are not ... yet. You can still get an invitation at The dress code is not "no jeans". I'll restate it: "No jeans, flip-flops, and t-shirts." Unless...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Dear Sir, It should be noted that it is not anyone in authority that restricts one's passage; rather at arriving there--like some pukka sahib unwelcomed--one is made to turn the other way. Yours etc., Importance yours exaggerate, you. With Astoria even welcome, would the King be. Yours, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by LARon By the way, who's the lucky stiff being fitted (in the photos from last year) for the windowpane 3-button peak lapel number? Gorgeous suit. Mark Seitelman.
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