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Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 +1 Not really. Just thought others who have apparently stupidly suffered the same fate as I deserved to find a warning in the archives.
Quote: Originally Posted by gj555 Will this happen ragardless of the quality of the fusing? In other words if the dry cleaner's press gets close to the fusing temperature will it melt the polyamide in a $500 high quality shirt the same as it will melt it in a $30 below average quality shirt? As a general response, yes. More specifically, sometimes not. Polyamides are made to melt anywhere from as low as 270º to 360º. The better qualities...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing And he said he already paid it back. He's full of shit. He sent me $20 and some lame story about being ripped of by an airline.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Last night began with about five gin & tonics. I made my way to a friend's room (Christina) in order to meet up and head out to a party. We made it to the shindig (which wasn't too busy) and I got started on beer. In the taxi, I had taken a good 4-5 shots of vodka, so at this point I was feeling good. I needed it....yesterday was really rough. Anywho, I apparently took $10 worth of tequila shots (ergo, ten) at the...
There are so many misconceptions in this thread I don't know where to start! Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck I don't think its possible to bubble when its not fused Non-fused buckling occurs when the shell cloth (your shirt) shrinks a great deal more than the interlining. This pulls wrinkles into the interlining which cannot be pressed flat because the shrunk shell cloth won't permit the expansion. Quote: Originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ Okay. This thread sucks! (well, you said we should feel free) Worse: MySQL sucks. vBulletin sucks. Computers suck. Al Gore sucks. He first gave us this damn internet and now to make up for it he's going to arrange to submerge all the cities.
AAAC is open again. Database issues may cause us to shut down for short periods over the next few hours. Thanks, J, for the space. Feel free to trash this thread.
Thank you to whichever mod fixed my spelling.
Quote: Originally Posted by medwards Someone undoubtedly had waaaaaaay too many postings. Hmmm. The Server Maintenance tech guys said the same thing. Something about critical MySQL tables breaking when they encounter the number 5,001.
With apologies to all, we had to shut down, hopefully for less than an hour, for emergency database index maintenance. Andy, John & Alex
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