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I've just finished (still proofreading) all the new web pages for our Spring Sea Island Spectacular. Brand new selection of Sea Island Socks in plains and patterns for men; a couple of patterns for the ladies; our own exclusive Kabbaz-Kelly by Zimmerli Sea Island polo/golf shirt. I thought it would be nice to give you guys a 24 hour head start before we e-mail to our clients. Warning: lock up your credit cards before clicking on the photos! Men's Sea Island...
If you are an average size between 15 and 17 neck, then: Chest 6"-7" additional fabric Waist 5"-6" Hips 6"-7"
J hit it on the head. Your arms are canted forward, not hanging at your sides. If this is your natural stance, your tailor needs to rotate the sleeves forward ... quite a bit if the photo is a true indication. This can be caused by any number of reasons. Large pecs is the usual cause in physically fit men.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober Alex, Thank you for the suggestions. Your art school sounds very interesting. Do you have a website? website
In the dress sock genre, "crew" socks are termed "mid-calf" or "long anklet". "Calf" socks are properly called "Over-the-Calf", usually "O.T.C." "Crew" socks signifies sport or athletic socks. Where any of the above finish really depends upon your height. OTC socks are presumed to end just below the knee.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober David Evans was purchased by Silk Industries (who also owns Vanners) and the phyiscal plant closed down. The archives, equipment and some staff was moved over to Adamley were we order our Macclesfield prints. So these days you can still order David Evans or Adamly archive prints which includes madders. Artificial madder dye has been used for many years (60+?) howeevr, you might find a few other natural dyes used...
This will assist you with the sizing criteria.
Is the mismatched cutting of the collar an essential ingredient of the genre or just a dash of élan?
A Discourse on Shirt Fabrics
Marcoliani 2650L is thicker than a regular dress sock and available OTC. So are the Pantherella OTC cashmeres, but they are too warm for year-round wear.
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