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Quote: Originally Posted by blnee I won't deny the quality and fit of the Pantherella socks. They are very nice, very comfortable, but also very limited. They have a few basic plain colors in an XL. Hence my original problem of not being able to find a company that could both accomodate my foot and sense of style. Does Marcoliani make a larger sock? I really like their designs. We're discussing this possibility. Perhaps for next...
I think I'll steal that for my website ... if you don't mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by SGladwell Marcoliani makes some interesting wool OTC socks. They're not as staid as, say, Pantherella seems to be. They're also a bit longer than Pantherellas so they actually fit OTC on me and not 7/8 of the way there... Yes, we have some of those. All Marcoliani OTC's are longer than Pantherella. Quote: Originally Posted by j Pantherella makes regular size which always seems too big...
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I really like those blue on blue striped socks in the first picture. I really don't like the striped socks getting down with eachother later in the post. They're women's socks ... a nostalgic trip back to the days of disco for those of us old enough to remember Studio 54.
Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s ^ That is an incredibly great looking shirt! Can I ask, Alexander, is the wide bottom cuff more an expression of function or style? Thank you. We designed them that way on purpose. Because the Sea Island cotton is so unbelievably soft, we felt that without the knitted waistband the shirts would tend to lift up. The ribbing section gives a bit of heft to the bottom of the shirt, but is just as "stretchy"...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alias Yeah I think I need new socks. Do they make ski masks? Yes, but only in a microfiber/cashmere/Sea Island blend. You might be better off trying the XL Pantherellaa and cutting a couple of holes in them.
We have the Pantherella dress socks (cotton & wool plains) in size small. Most of our size small clients use the women's sock section. The socks are the same except that they are slightly narrower and size to fit 6 to 9. Here's a couple of examples: Merino OTC Fall Stripes Summer Argyles
Quote: Originally Posted by Thracozaag Beautiful polo shirt! koji Didn't you get to see the prototype at CSE?
Thank you. It has been fun to put this unique collection together.
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