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I am on a strictly enforced diet. No more than three new shirts per year. Been doing that for about five years, so my shirt collection stays below three hundred. Before the diet was a completely different ... and rather sad ... tale. But having just updated the furnishings inventory last night I do have this 10,685 Zimmerli/Pantherella/Marcoliani/Begg/etc. problem to consider. Joelle, for some strange reason, has difficulties with rolling racks and tupperware-filled...
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger In terms of quality of fabric and construction, and of style. I have a couple of silk Zimmerlis from Alex, and they're very nice. Who else makes really lovely ones? Thank you, Roger. The new Sea Island ones are very different than the sandwashed silk. I designed them in response to Smedley's dimunition of quality since their ownership change.
Quote: Originally Posted by j That's awful. Something's got to give meaning to 'conspicuous consumption'.
I have no problem with someone using a block pattern to make the first draught onto pattern paper for a new client. After that, as changes are made during the fitting process, those changes should be physically made to the paper pattern. Many artisans claim otherwise; i.e. that they can numerically record every change along the line and make the same exact changes to the basic block every time. Lemme see. At my smallest now with 350 clients and 37 critical...
Quote: Originally Posted by j I see bunching But seriously, those are all silk, and being much less substantial, silk squares don't puff the lapel out nearly as much. With linen squares you can fold then iron (pretty fussy IMO), or get smaller and/or thinner squares. Putting them in there with a device of some sort like a ruler is helpful to be sure. You're right. I was only thinking of silk. Fussy ain't the half of it. I actually have...
About 20% of our sales are overseas. For those sales (with rare exceptions for repeat customers) we accept only Paypal. In the countries PayPal functions, there is no firm better at identity verification. Once you've got the money, as long as you can prove shipping, it is yours to keep. We also wait 10 days if we feel the circumstance might be suspicious. Fraud chargebacks, if they are going to come, will normally arrive within that time frame.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB I really want to wear a pocket square with my suit this weekend but no matter which fold I use it's making my lapel push out above my chest and just looks wrong from the side. Is there anything I can do about this? Fold it properly and then iron the part which is in your pocket. Insert a ruler or credit card into the folded square. Use this to push it down into your pocket. The ruler or card will prevent it...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Mr Kabbaz, I think you've just done it.... I want to have your children. Cool. Can I drop them off tonight for a few days?
P.S. There's also a soft cotton casual jean-compatible sock in a color called Blue Marl which is a medium-dark heathered blue if you're not yet ready for wild and colorful. Another great jean sock in soft cotton casual is the light blue/navy blue top-heel-toe.
Quote: Originally Posted by jabney A personal favourite of mine with jeans is a blue argyle sock pattern. Blue with any other type of colour. Sometimes blue on blue, or blue on white, or if you're feeling a little crazy, blue and orange. Whatever your mood or daily events call for. Rarely available ... but happen to be this season ... are blue cotton argyles in OTC:
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