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Winners Please Note: If you'll excuse my spelling of your name, I'll excuse your handwriting on the Raffle Entry Card!!! Grand Prize Donated by and Zimmerli of Switzerland - Valued at $2500+ His and Hers Mega-Package: An Entire Week of Zimmerli of Switzerland WINNER: Jonathan J. Fischer Please email Man's Size (S-XXL), choice of Briefs or Boxers, and Woman's Size (S-L) A Most Exclusive Zimmerli Package, consisting of a special...
Quote: Originally Posted by JordanB Very wise Alex. So there will be booze again this year to aid in the prying of the credit cards from our hands? If there's enough left after paying for the hotel suite, I'll grab a couple of bottles of Mateus and Thunderbird on my way in Friday. Actually ... all the white wine you can drink. Can't have red around the fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by khaki sack I'm there. My question is, can I get these items in shell cordovan, and with tassels? Only this one, and only with a built in vibe:
Quote: Originally Posted by madison avenue I would like to come but seeing how I do not know anyone from here (in real life non internet format) I think it may be a little weird. What am I going to walk around the room and ask people " Excuse me are you on the Styleforum if so what is your user name"? It is tempting..... It's just like going to a store. Look for an old guy with a beard and a tape measure around his neck. Take out a credit card...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Thanks for the explanation. I'm back on the newsletter mailing list (at least for a couple weeks ) Please request the invitation again. I accidentally opted out of your incoming request email.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T sooooooooo....will Chuck be there? Insolent Minsk.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman IS there a chance to win any Seaman & Stearn VII fold ties? That depends upon which day you have RSVP'd for. Was that Friday? ... Or Saturday? ... or Never? You must be one of those with sucky sleeve pitch, eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro April in Paris is on my list of places to try. Will Beatrice Amblard be there, or is this just a teaser until 2009? Bea will be here in 2009. For this year you're stuck with me and a whole lot of Bea's pieces. They're for sale, but you could also specify any one of them being made in your choice of materials/colors/etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I like that red tie, and I hate red ties. Can you rig it so that I win it? Of course. We live to serve.
Special Announcement: We'll be showing some of the fabulous custom-made leather goods from April in Paris who will debut at the 2009 Collection of Sartorial Excellence. Here are a few samples: iPhone Cases Cigar Cases Toothpick Cases Final Additions to the Raffle: From Jonathan Fisher's Four-In-Hand, three sets of three ties each: And from the brand new A pair of Shell Cordovan boots of the winner's choice from the...
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