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Thanks! Looking forward to step on them!
They are half soles. The colour is call Olive Green Antique.
Just got this from the postman! My very first EG from Leathersoul.
My current favorite!
Thanks! Sorry for the poor pic. Got them off Tassels as they are on sale and this is the last pair in my size! TASSELS MTO by Alden - Navy Flexwelt Collection - Snuff & Navy Suede - Barrie last - Flexwelt system (weather proof flexible oiled sole) - Five polished brass eyelets - Tone matching waxed shoelaces Just sprayed waterproof to protect them.
2nd Alden in the house!
Thanks! I just brush and buff vigorously every now and then.
Just polished my 2yo no.8 NST tonight.
Just polished my 2 years old no.8 NST tonight.
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