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What was that cop listening to in the car. Is that considered normal practice?
Meh. Given that the number of people shot at by police is so small relative to the population of shooting subjects, there is a pretty good chance that the characteristics of the former are different than the latter. To me it seems pretty suggestive that the police actually hit every white person they shot at (which after all only amounts to 7 people in a city of 8 million). Suggests that a certain amount of white NYers are suiciding by police in a given year or preferring...
Theory 1 & 2 are indeed conspiracy theory. Political parties are conspiracies.I agree with this and mostly the rest of your post.
Why all the focus on Ferguson relative to Staten Island by the Justice Department and the NY media and NY activists like Al Sharpton Four theories 1. The organized Ferguson protest movement and the attention of their allies in the media were part of the Democratic party's midterm election campaign. Their goal was to turnout African-American voters in Red states. A white cop shooting a kid in an inner ring suburb of St.Louis has more resonance for the target demo than...
The 30 years war happened less than a century after the Reformation. The Sunni-Shia schism happened more than 1300 years ago. An array of empires have come and gone across the region since then and they have had innumerable conflicts every bit as bloody as the 30 years war over the last millennium plus. Personally, I blame Xerxes and Darius for this mess, if not Hammurabi. The recriminations over Chuck Hagel's firing have had the positive side-effect of illuminating our...
Well, there is one strategy to contain ISIS and that is to ally with the Assad Regime to restore the status ex quo ante. Syrian regime soldiers are the only troops on the ground effectively fighting the Islamic State. Of course, their are terrible people, but everyone left fighting this war are terrible people (the Kurds excepted). As far as I can tell the Syrian Baathists are the people who hate us least.
We are training an army of moderate Muslim fighters to destroy both ISIS and Assad. I am told they will ride unicorns into battle.
This executive action is a disaster for supporters of high-skill immigration. There is now basically zero chance for any kind of legal reform for the foreseeable future. It will be easy for the federal courts to get rid of any new programs (for entrepreneurs, or the like) that are ordered into being. Giving working permits to spouses of H1B visa holders under the rubric of prosecutorial discretion is basically just telling decent middle class people to go ahead and commit...
Thank you for your input. When it becomes politically convenient for Mayor de Blasio to take on the NYPD, the New York Times will be sure to let you know.
If you had actually discovered America and you were too short-sighted or too ineffectual to take advantage of it, wouldn't it be less embarrassing to just pretend you had never seen it in the first place.
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