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I liked this last season a lot, but the finale was underwhelming. I don't think this show really needs a final chapter as such, since its always tried to capture the reality of change and life does go on. But at the same time, Mad Men has had some great season finales, and even as a season finale this is at the bottom of the pile. Both the Pete and the Peggy story-lines felt legit, but they were too rushed to feel powerful. I didn't see the Coke thing at the end as some...
That song does have a great arc for an end credit tune, I will stick with "Never Had a Dream Come True,"though since Stevie Wonder is kind of an intrinsically upbeat singer and I think they will leave on an upnote.
Darling Nikki?
I read somewhere, maybe Sepinwall, that some of the episodes would go longer than an hour, but I think not 2 hours.
"Yesterme Yesteryou Yesterday" is too on the nose. Actually, "I Never Had a Dream Come True" might fit better.
If there is a pool for last fade-to-black song, put me down for Stevie Wonder, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours"
Mohammed is a werewolf?
There was some ok stuff in this talk, but I didn't feel like this guy had much of a handle on anything about the economy occurring outside the City. Indeed, banking in US and UK have become pretty concentrated on managing the maturity/liquidity mismatch between mortgages and money markets. If you take it as given that real assets including houses are in fixed supply and you take it as given that nobody running the banking industry has any stake in the franchise value of...
Unfortunately, the lead exposure theory of crime doesn't really explain a lot of the demographics. It is true that crime exploded about 20 years after lead levels in the air rose rapidly due to leaded gasoline pollution. This is consistent with childhood exposure to lead causing people to have self-control issues as adults. However, when crime exploded it increased pretty much across the board. Meaning that crime exploded among older age cohorts that didn't have childhood...
The 1/2 season seems to be an extended epilogue in which all of the characters experience major events that sketch out the rest of their lives. Given the limited time left, I guess that once it seems that a characters story has a pin in it, then the pin will remain in place. Though the characters will make another appearance, Ken's, Megan's, and now Joan's stories have all been resolved.My guess is that Roger will go to LA to fire Lou Avery, hook up with Julia Ormond and...
New Posts  All Forums: