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What is it exactly you want to actually do? What do you want your work day to be like? You say you want to work in academic publishing. Does that mean you want to be a janitor in their office building, be their book-keeper, rep textbooks door to door at nearby colleges?
Def. too old.
My last semester of UG I took a course in Accounting. Found it fascinating the way everything fit together. By then too late to become an accounting major. Love my job, but I always thought I would have done well in accounting
Looks cool.
Tie is what?
Or maybe he could have a brief fling with Galadriel. She was really tender toward Frodo. What's the back story there, I wonder.
With three movies, they should have time to write a role for a Hobbit woman. Perhaps, Martin Freeman could rescue her from a tower or something and she could join he and the dwarves for adventures. They would be gruff and first, but soon they would grow to adore her. Bilbo would pretend not to like her at first, but then they would fall in love. I'm thinking Reese Witherspoon might be good.
I was surprised how dead the area around University of Tokyo was.
Different stuff. People own a couple of restaurants or manage them, sell some high-end transportation equipment or fix them. Pilots, obviously. A lot of ways to make a buck and there are many places foreigners might have a competitive advantage or special skills. And Singapore, its a higher order of magnitude.The examples your listing are basically definitive losers + ESL teachers. I think it would be hard to make a long-term career of that w/o moving into management, but...
Not at all true. Quite a few of the dads at the local international school are working class Britons and Australians who've made a go of it in Hong Kong. Make a good living, own nice houses, have nice families.
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