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Only in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Necessity?In any case, this is a good idea. I will try it on some calf pennies which have grown too purple (which I think might be the real danger of burgundy calf).
I'm not really an expert, but wouldn't calling a fade on 4th and goal be considered dumb? Couldn't really blame the ref for refusing to bail them out of that. Great game otherwise.
Mitt Romney? Talk about a sore loser.
whichever is closer. duh.
You're right. Those seem to cohere more with classical principles of dress.
Mao suit is more Brutalist than modernist, maybe.In regards to the OP, there seems to be a preference for tailored clothing with neo-classical design ideals. I wonder if there is such a thing as neo-classical furniture or furnishings.
To me, something like this mass produced item from the turn of the century (1900, I think) would be the height of modernism in menswearUniform and unadorned, comfortable and functional. Remember, though the primary function of mechanical and agricultural work wear is to separate and protect the person from the grimy environment, the primary function of office work wear is to protect the pristine environment from the grimy ape beneath.I think its no coincidence that...
The dude probably made up a fake, sick girlfriend to have an excuse to get out of tests and stuff. Somehow, it got out to the media and then he was stuck with it. Big deal.
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