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Sweet or the Babys. Nazareth
Whats the over on the number of FT Knicks shoot on Tuesday? 55?
NBA needs shorter seasons.
Awesome. ThanksI thought they did have a shot clock. You see those old films of Bob Cousy and they look like the frames are running through the projector too fast, but apparently they were really running around like that.
Probably this was the early 1960's, though it seems like defensive stats from the era might be harder to find. This compares a lot of the great championship teamshttp://www.nba.com/playoffs2004/challenge_celtics1960.html. The 1960 Celtics for instance scored 125 ppg, but it doesn't say how many they gave up.
Girl that finked to joan said she couldn't find Scarlett or Harry all afternoon. Thats what made made joan flip out.
If the teachable moment involves Dawn taking Ginsberg to her friend's Harlem wedding, count me 100% in.It would be great if they got into advertising for Nixon '68. Could cover counter-culture vs. reactionaries from the under-covered reactionary side and wrap in Henry & Betty. The new bootlicker dude looks exactly like a Nixon campaign aide, for good measure.
I guess the idea is that Madison Avenue would have been at the social cutting edge, the people at Heinz or Dow Chemical wouldn't have been smoking pot at the office. I'm not sure if that is true.I also didn't catch on that Scarlett was skipping work to bang Harry which changes a lot of the tenor of their fight, if you got it.
It would be pretty cool if they had jerseys that said "El Heato".(I guess they actually say El Heat, because that's what the local people say when they talk about the team in Spanish'. )
Seems significant that their best 5 (3 +Allen&Battier) are destroying everybody and they are cruising to an 800 record w/o riding those horses into the ground. That lineup will see a lot more minutes in playoffs.
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