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He turned down $10 million player option from Wolves. To ride the bench.
Maybe (though showtime lakers were mostly drafted). I was thinking Lakers want to have enough cap space next summer for two max contracts plus a discounted Kobe. Could be hanging onto his contract for another year, gives them the most cap room.
I was kind of looking forward to seeing a Lakers team focused on Gasol at center. Seemed like the only upside of losing Bynum/Howard was letting Pau play his natural position. Guess they will try to move him for picks.
The sepia toned Alfalfa-meets-Pretty Baby flashbacks to the whorehouse were the worst part of this season. But it all paid off in the last shot of the tumbledown house in front of the crappy modern(ist) slum buildings. It all seemed totally fake, like Paul Newman and Robert Redford were about to walk around the corner and a Scott Joplin song would start playing and young Draper would join in some hilarious hijinx. But at the end, it all came real like Pooh and Wallace...
Most likely explanation for all of the game to game inconsistency of each of the players (except Duncan and maybe James) is next level chess match between Spoelstra and Popovich. Beyond me anyway.
It's a bit rich, Peggy calling Don a monster...for stopping her from breaking up some family dude's marriage. The dude who pissed on the floor in the first season needs to come back and get Don into AA. My name is Dick Whitman and I am an alcoholic.
Its crazy that the Heat win 27 in a row and can't win 2 in a row in the conference or league finals.
Yeh. I meant that Ted is Weiner's fictionalized version of himself.
Maybe its a little meta, but I kind of like that Matthew Weiner has written himself into his show as Ted Chaough. Its interesting that an episode featuring the way Ted looks when he's working with his female mentee was one of the few written by someone else. Even better: everyone was worried about what discovering what a scumbag her father was would do to Sally Draper; it killed her soul and turned her into her mother! Another way that the character development on this...
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