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What is it with Showtime? Remember, in the first season, Dexter was also considered one of the best shows on TV. But after the second season, it became terrible. Tried to watch an episode or two of the final season for old times sake, but it was just painfully stupid. Doubt Homeland will make it that far.
That is a great article. I wouldn't have even thought it was possible for me to become more cynical about the NCAA, but I did. I have tended to think of the NCAA as simply a representative of its constituents, the various colleges and universities that are its members. But the article clarified, that beyond being that, the NCAA is itself a bureaucratic institution driven by its own internal imperatives, mainly self preservation and self interest. Which I think you see in...
So Miami ran a pay-for-play system for a decade. A certified booster plied recruits with cash, booze and hookers. Multiple coaches across different coaching regimes knew about it and they get no bowl ban, no loss of wins, and lose a minimal number of scholarships. NCAA are pimps.
Hope Todd escapes with Lydia as his loveslave.
Maybe your right. I just remember how hard it was for SC to find the right guy after the sanctions in the early 80's.
Be careful. I am sure what you meant to say was the NCAA is about to lose a defamation suit for maliciously and recklessly alleging that someone on the USC coaching staff knew. But that's the way it goes. If you sue, then they have to prove that you knew about it. If you don't get a lawyer than you have to prove that you didn't know about. The NCAA, mostly by incompetence, have created an environment that schools always do better by not co-operating and fighting them in...
The problem with firing Kiffin is who do you replace him with? To rebuild, they would need a first rank coach but none are available in September. Even in January, I doubt the most coveted guys are going to be beating down USC's door with two more years of sanctions in place. Speaking of sanctions, it seems like YahooSports has the goods on a bunch of SEC players accepting money from agents. Just like Reggie Bush. But you know those schools are smart (and scurrilous)...
I thought this season was pretty good except for the last episode. Final identity of the killer has to be one of the most effed out premises in crime drama, done even more preposterously than usual. You could tell that even the actor didn't buy into the twist; listening to him drone out his ridiculous supposed motivations was painful.
To Rick Barry?
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