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Our national strategy for dealing with concentrated urban poverty is to disperse it toward declining inner ring suburbs. This inversion of the urban population probably reduces the absolute level of poverty by increasing education and job opportunities for former slum residents. But mostly we just want to gentrify central cities. Which is probably a net good, but the cost is we are pushing marginal populations into those communities with the least resources to handle the...
http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/searching-for-answers/autism-riseOver the last 40 years there has been an enormous increase in autism diagnoses and (probably?) an underlying increase in the actual occurrence of autism. There doesn't seem to be any good scientific explanation and parents have been linking vaccination to the onset of autism before the Lancet study. The basis of this seems to be a lot of anecdotes of people who swear their kid was just fine until they got...
Obama was raised as a Unitarian. Despite all the years he spent going to his wife's crazy church, I guess he is still a Unitarian at heart. That would explain why he is so insistent on seeing only the good part of other religions like Islam and also why he kind of seems semi-atheistic to a lot of people.
I'm not giving up on Romney'16. Jeb Bush has an L tatoo-ed in invisible ink on his forehead. Once a little heat is applied, it will be visible for all to see. As buoyant as he may seem, Christie is permanently weighted down by Jersey sleaze. Walker is better than I thought.
Bill Maher has a lot to answer for.
Remember that eye doctor who got entrapped into placing football bets for a Fairfax, Va. cop and then executed by the Fairfax SWAT team? It was an obvious abuse by the police, but the one thing I could never figure out is exactly why the police went to all of that trouble to arrest someone for gambling. That just goes to show how naive I am. Turns out, Fairfax cops rob gamblers for the same reason that Willie Sutton robbed banks: That's where the money...
Maybe, but given the large number of CIA officials confirming the story in the Post, it seems like the top levels of the Administration must have approved.The revelation is occurring as Israel and Hezbollah are trying to patch things up after recent exchange of fire. Hard to believe its a coincidence but I can t really figure Obama's angle on this.
So the US government decides that now would be a good time to reveal that the CIA and the Mossad killed the Hezbollah bomber in 2008? Wonder why.
You are likely to have more dropped passes when you throw quick passes to the slot or into the middle which is what the Patriots do. Deflating the ball allowed them to play an extremely risky passing game with only average number of dropped balls. Or that would be the story. Not sure if you could really get away with an underweight ball for 5 years.I wonder how they will handle the balls during the Superbowl. Will the Patriots footballs be under guard by US marshals?
This is awesome. Once again White House officials reveal supposedly top secret operations damaging national security. Doesn't seem to bother anyone but me. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/19/world/asia/nsa-tapped-into-north-korean-networks-before-sony-attack-officials-say.html
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