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Huma to Hilary "Who is the 'Duke of New York' and why is he sending us email?"
Its relevant for exactly the reason I said it was: it could explain Scott's behavior.
Another thing that could be relevant to the way he was behaving was his multiple convictions for assault with a deadly weapon.
Which book? I bet it was "The Girl on the Train."
Not according to Starsky and Hutch
Angel dust
A car being parked like that in the middle of the road is strange enough to be suspicious that something is up (I wouldn't stop to help). But on the other hand, its easy to think of reasonable explanations (off the top of my head, braked for a deer, swerved and then his car wouldn't start etc.) Still, I am sure there will be more story. If cops approached 4 abreast in combat stance on everyone with a broken car, there would be a lot more dead people.
Interesting thought. Is a Manichean worldview a form of sloth? Is it a symptom of laziness to refuse to engage in the messy details of policy analysis and compromise that constitute normal politics in a plural society? It can be, but I don't think that's quite fair to the author who has probably thought a lot about the issues.
Which just emphasizes the point. Romney was by far the better man. Polling data showed that the electorate over-whelmingly viewed him as more qualified to be President than Obama (more qualified than the sitting President!). They just didn't like his platform. Had he run on something approaching a Bush 2004 platform in regards to entitlements, he would easily have won.But instead of moderating on Social Security a bit, we have to vote for the reality show clown to stop the...
If you looked at the prediction markets, they were 3/2 against Romney the entire way. He was never really competitive.
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