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I Spy
Quote: Originally Posted by intent I'll set you up: What, then, do black defendants dress in for court in Mississippi? Court?
In Mississippi, wealthy defendants are forced to appear in court dressed like the little guy in the Monopoly board game. Foreign defendants are required to wear national dress (berets, lederhosen, kimonos, etc.) The juries need to know whats what.
Anyone know where to get Buzz Rickson stuff (specifically khakis) in Tokyo?
Good guys always wear white. Wear an all white outfit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Where is it? I didn't saw any this afternoon. In the middle tables, toward the south exit.
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic btw, i'm not in HK at the moment, but may go there when vacation allows. anyone quote me a price on Ascot Chang shirts? I need some shirts made, extremely likely to go to Jantzen, who does $550 a pop. AFter a couple of washes and wears, if I can't tell the marginal increase in comfort, fabric quality or stitching, I don't think feel its justified and I will not buy again the more expensive...
The khakis are great. They have a lot of cool emblematic ties (would be better if skinnier). The top line of suits are half canvassed by Southwick. Have about the same shoulder as other Southwick, I think.
Running shoes only look good at >6mph.
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