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Great line play and open-field tackling by the Buckeyes. USC passing game is built on getting yards after the catch. Almost none today, except for the crucial McKnight 3rd down. Barkley had good poise and mechanics, but reads plays too slow. Ball very often arrived just a bit too late. Been a very different game had Mark Sanchez stayed another year. Hopefully, new kid will get better.
In Japan, you can get repros of his costumes from "The Great Escape" and "The Hunter" http://www.toys-mccoy.com/store/index.html#mcqueen
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Sound advice for most professions. But not for this one.
In B-schools, a suit. In economics and poli sci, a suit. In sociology, a sports coat and tie. Psych professors are mostly crazy, so its impossible to say.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday It's an interesting phenomenon, in that I think many onlookers have a revulsion to it. Not just "I don't like that" but "ew." Of course, maybe provoking a reaction is the point. Its like looking at someone eating a hunk of raw garlic. You can see the smell.
Quote: Originally Posted by arced I'm glad it worked out for you. I was able to buy through Rakuten with them and they were very nice about it. I hope I can visit their store one day. What'd you get? Just two pairs of the BR Early Military Chinos in Khaki and Tan. A great pair of pants, I think, at a decent price.
Quote: Originally Posted by arced Hinoya carries Buzz Rickson. They're in Ueno. Thanks for the tip. If anyone is looking for direction to Hinoya Go to the Ueno JR Station. Exit at the Hirokoji exit (next to the Hard Rock Cafe). Straight ahead across the street is a department store called OICity. Cross the street and go toward it. In front of OICity turn right (i.e. go west). The second alley that you come to runs parallel to and next to...
I went to the shop and ordered some buttondown with no lining. They agreed but couldn't quite believe that anyone would really want a truly unlined collar, so they put an extra piece of (unfused) cotton fabric inside the collar. It was really soft and the shirts were pinpoints, so I accepted them. I did point out that on future orders, I would like to have no lining. They agreed, but seemed genuinely puzzled that anyone would want a truly unlined collar. I just told them...
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