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Whats the over on the number of FT Knicks shoot on Tuesday? 55?
H1B visa recipients have jobs lined up; that's the nature of the program. Admitting more foreign trained engineers will no doubt have more positive impact on wages of non-STEM workers than on wages of STEM workers, but given there are already large gaps in pay in favor of STEM workers that seems like not such a bad thing.
Weirdly, the US has in fact met its targets under the Kyoto Protocol; Carbon emissions are below their 1997 levels. This is because Jesus gave us a bunch of natural gas.
Thanks for posting the links to those essays.I don't think anyone needs to feel painted into a corner by authenticity today. I was talking about how people felt 100 years ago in the shadow of capital R Romantic notions. A theme of both of those essays was that a common element of Modernism was that the technique becomes the subject. My point is that is easier to understand if you see that doing art about doing art is a way of solving the contradiction inherent in the...
Engineering graduates make 40-50% premiums over other college graduates (who themselves are a little more than 30% of the population). Premium might not be rising, but its obvious that if we can easily get workers who generate that sort of extra income, we should.
http://blogs.wsj.com/atwork/2013/04/29/and-the-highest-paid-college-majors-are/ "Here’s the list of top 10 majors, with starting salaries: Petroleum Engineering: $93,500 Computer Engineering: $71,700 Chemical Engineering: $67,600 Computer Science: $64,800 Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering: $64,400 Mechanical Engineering: $64,000 Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering: $63,400 Management Information Systems/Business:...
Well, there must be some sense in which Modernisms develop in parallel or else why categorize them into a single ism. And while there doesn't seem any reason that we should think of the arts as running in some parallel form to science, it does seem to be an element of "Modernist" art that it does. That art is progressive, with more superior and knowing art, superseding passe art and that art follows logically from underlying principles.Well, I am sure that I am not the...
To my ignorant eyes, it seems that the defining characteristic of modernism is that progress can only be made by discovering, scientifically, the governing first principles of the subject and following the logical implications of these principles. This seems to follow both science, but also Marx in economics and Freud in psychology. Modern architecture and design seemed to discover these first principles early in the 20th century and that field seemed to develop a...
clement greenberg?
NBA needs shorter seasons.
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