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What possible benefit could Mossad get, even in theory, by spying on Australia? And even if so, what possible reason could Australia have to run him back against Israel?
I guess Archer was right about cyborgs.
Can I get odds on my getting assassinated by a US gov't drone strike. I'm feeling lucky.
Personally, I hope that the police send a Hellfire missile up the tailpipe of that jackass who keeps driving around in his red Barchetta. He's in direct contravention of the Motor Law!
You may be right, but I meant alternative strategies not fine-tuning tactics. Not that the latter is wrong to talk about, but given that Afghanistan is winding down, this is probably a good time to reconsider the overall framework.
Al Qaeda's strategy is to embed themselves within culturally sympathetic and impoverished local communities in regions of the world that are beyond the governance of states that participate in the international system and use these as locations to plan and train for mass murder attacks against civilians in all sorts of locations including the United States. The US counter-strategy is to use the logistical capabilities and firepower of the US military to pursue AQ members...
Furo & J.D.Owen - Thanks for the informative presentation of the gov'ts case. It was persuasive. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me established that the military takes action (at the direction of the President) against non-uniformed combatants, fights groups who are not recognized as sovereign states, takes action outside of a full declaration of war, engages in combat inside other sovereign countries with which we are not at war, and legally kills American citizens who...
There's a classic poem that ends "....and then when they came for me, there was nobody left to say anything." But I think if that poem starts "When they came for the homicidal religious maniacs who plot to murder thousands of people, I said nothing..." then it has a quite a few stanzas to run before it comes anywhere close to me. So I say let it run.
I'm not really an expert, but wouldn't calling a fade on 4th and goal be considered dumb? Couldn't really blame the ref for refusing to bail them out of that. Great game otherwise.
New Posts  All Forums: