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Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche Thinking back on an old blazer I had this morning, I am wondering if well respected cloth mills like H&S, LP, Dourmeuil, Minnis, etc. produce "B" grades of cloth in addition to their standard, high quality lines? The blazer I that provoked this question was a Brooks Regent blazer from 2-3 years ago. It was worsted and labled as Loro Piana S120; no further information on the cloth was given. I returned the blazer...
Tartan dinner jackets
Quote: Originally Posted by jdcpa I unknowingly meet Gore Vidal in the UCLA library. He was doing a book signing so I happened to go to his section in the stacks. An old man in an equally old tweed jacket approached me and said, "oh, I'm so glad someone as young as you enjoys my work." He acted very strangely. Not knowing what Gore Vidal looked like, I assumed he was some crazy nut hanging around the library. I just said, "oh yes, I enjoyed...
Do NOT buy a 3rd Generation shuffle. The only reason to buy a shuffle is to listen to music when you exercise. But the 3rd Generation shuffle has a design flaw: any sweat at all gets on the Ipod and it will shut down. It cannot be used when you work out unless you can somehow keep it away from your body. The fact that Apple knowingly sells a defective product, even a cheap one, would make me hesitant to buy anything from them.
Quote: Originally Posted by greyinla It's a professional interview. The department doesn't matter. The field doesn't matter. What the average professor wears on a daily basis really doesn't matter. For the on-campus portion of the process, just wear a suit. Navy or charcoal. Simple and boring. At the end of the day, clothes alone will not get nor cost you a job, but it's best to take them out of the equation. Well said.
No it doesn't need to match. No one will care or notice. But treat yourself to a new belt, anyway. Why not? I assume you are smart enough not to listen to anyone who tells you to wear a suit to a business casual event.
I think the Riviera flannels on STP are pretty slim and good value for money (especially cashmere blend). Smaller sizes always seem sold out though,
Great line play and open-field tackling by the Buckeyes. USC passing game is built on getting yards after the catch. Almost none today, except for the crucial McKnight 3rd down. Barkley had good poise and mechanics, but reads plays too slow. Ball very often arrived just a bit too late. Been a very different game had Mark Sanchez stayed another year. Hopefully, new kid will get better.
In Japan, you can get repros of his costumes from "The Great Escape" and "The Hunter" http://www.toys-mccoy.com/store/index.html#mcqueen
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Sound advice for most professions. But not for this one.
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