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As far as the article in the OP goes, the analogy between universities and record companies suggested by Clay Sharkey seems wrong. The internet hit the recorded music business by making copyright hard to enforce, but universities don't rely on barriers to entry. One analogy is with newspapers that MOOCs will take over the cash-cow, easy to teach principles courses leaving universities with overhead and smaller upper level courses killing revenues just like Craigslist ate...
supply and demand! I'm sure I'm being too flip. There's a whole class of Americans who's lives would benefit from going into the skilled trades even at existing wages who have been failed by an education system that leaves them without the remedial skills necessary to enter those careers. Tthere's also a lot of bogus rhetoric about people marginally attached the white collar world who would supposedly be better off learning how to weld and refuse to do so out of class...
Probably, they should pay higher wages to people with skills. Problem solved.
You're right. Those seem to cohere more with classical principles of dress.
Mao suit is more Brutalist than modernist, maybe.In regards to the OP, there seems to be a preference for tailored clothing with neo-classical design ideals. I wonder if there is such a thing as neo-classical furniture or furnishings.
To me, something like this mass produced item from the turn of the century (1900, I think) would be the height of modernism in menswearUniform and unadorned, comfortable and functional. Remember, though the primary function of mechanical and agricultural work wear is to separate and protect the person from the grimy environment, the primary function of office work wear is to protect the pristine environment from the grimy ape beneath.I think its no coincidence that...
The dude probably made up a fake, sick girlfriend to have an excuse to get out of tests and stuff. Somehow, it got out to the media and then he was stuck with it. Big deal.
This is right.Swartz was prominent in the debate that ended up stymieing the SOPA act. A more sinister angle is that this prosecution was political payback.
Tax deductions on health care spending are ridiculous, as are deductions on the mortgage interest deduction, state and local tax, charitable tax, muni bond interest etc. All should be eliminated. I guess the way that we eliminate deductions in the US is to cap them. Hopefully, in the future, deductions on these things will be capped at x=zero. In the meantime, I cannot think of any logic that would suggest that capping them at x+z is better than capping them at x, for all...
New Posts  All Forums: