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In 1956, with Nick Adams and Natalie Wood on Skid Row.
There's a Tomorrowland on the ground floor (across from Starbucks) at the mall above the Sapporo JR station. There is a Beams and a Ships about a mile away on the other side of Odori Park, not far from the TV tower. Ships is preppy; Beams seems split between Italian stuff and workwear stuff. Tomorrowland is mostly generic upscale. There are a bunch of other shops in the mall above Tomorrowland.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBC Probably so, can't trust those interwar Germans How about these from 1936? ( If nothing else, check out the flannel suit on the guy on the left in the first pic. This is the one you are looking for
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I find the BBBF to be a little shorter (especially the sleeves) and squarer than the BB Slim Fit. The shoulders are narrower and the armholes are higher. For my body type, I prefer the BB Slim Fit. The materials and construction seem equal and I prefer the slightly longer collar roll. Also, not a fan of the weird round flap in the front shirt tail and the locker tag on the neck. I wouldn't mind a third back collar...
Not my cup of fur.
Uniqlo M shirts fit like a 15/32.
That is just a picture of the J. Press logo. You can narrow down the age of the jacket by which stores are listed, but you can't really tell which line it is in. That tag is not current and is probably pretty old. You can probably figure out who made the jacket with the tag at the back of the neck.
This will be hanging in the National Portrait Gallery for centuries.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher How often did he leap from an exploding building and land in a tuck-and-roll while shooting three villains with one bullet just as he kicks out his foot and slays a fourth man with his boot knife (or whatever the hell happened in that noisy trailer)? How often did he defeat the head of a world wide criminal organization using his mastery of Asian martial arts and survive a fall off a 100m waterfall?
In the 120-ish dollar range, Buzz Rickson Original spec (not the military repros) might be a good choice. Also JPress chinos have a low rise but are pretty slim across seat and thighs.
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