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It does seem unfair that Saddam Hussein was able to avoid blame for this mess.
I am open to the idea with more professional planning it could have gone better. But that would have cost a lot of money (obviously, it ended up costing a lot more at the end). Rumsfeld/Cheney global strategy was to show that worldwide American military dominance could be done at extremely low cost.
In 2013, it seems most Americans, I gather by large margins, view the 2003 intervention as a mistake. There are a number of ways you could think about this as a mistake, from "a foreseeable, unmitigated disaster which turned out even worse than expected" all the way to "a worthwhile risk which ex post turned out, despite best efforts, to have a marginally negative cost-benefit trade-off." For myself, it might be closer to the former. Certainly, the experience has made me...
Black shoe cream turned out to be a great suggestion. Thanks!
Seems really unjust for small depositors to take a haircut with no replacement of management.
Real question is how will Greek, Spanish, Irish and Italian depositors react to this. Especially Spanish.
Exactly right. Zero nostalgia for 90's basketball. Teams play pretty complicated team defense these days.
Only in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Necessity?In any case, this is a good idea. I will try it on some calf pennies which have grown too purple (which I think might be the real danger of burgundy calf).
Do you really need it explained why dying at age 58 is a bad thing?
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