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Sorry, no, beer taxes are already too high. Lets stick to our common ground on wealth taxes.
Dutch style wealth taxes. It was your idea, actually, so really I am agreeing with you.
I am assuming that it is obvious that since labor and capital, human, physical and otherwise, are the source of income, ultimately government revenues will have to come from those sources. I AM assuming that it is going to be harder and harder to get income from pure labor and the burden will be distributed on human and financial capital in some way. Given the current distribution of taxes, property taxes and luxury taxes are certainly ways to reallocate taxes toward...
I guess you are right, though we seem to always underestimate the progress of the DPRK nuclear program. Also, don't they have a bunch of SCUD style missles. Even with conventional high explosives, that could do a lot of damage.First, I doubt you could find any significant number of Germans who regret reunification. Second, though its clear there would be large upfront costs, I think its a mistake to view 15 million extra Korean workers as a long-term charity case. I think...
Less snarkily, Over the last 25 years, income in the US has shifted away from labor and toward the owners of capital, both financial capital and human capital. For reasons of purported efficiency, we have brought the effective tax rates on financial capital income (or many types anyway) down to low levels. This means that owners of human capital, like the op, will have to pay very high rates on their return to their investment in skills, education, etc. I agree this is...
Im pretty suIm pretty sure 50% of people would be willing to tax stock market income at 75%.
All good points, but I wonder if nuclear weapons isn't a wild card here. Wouldn't DPRK be able to explode some sort of atomic bomb on Seoul? Given that this would be the only hope of tactical victory, it seems possible they would escalate to that.I also wonder about this. The potential returns to industrializing 15 million extra Korean workers could be the investment opportunity of a lifetime. Given that global capital markets are awash in low interest rate funds, South...
He literally told the judge he wants to make a run for it.
If true, he got what he deserved.
Seems significant that their best 5 (3 +Allen&Battier) are destroying everybody and they are cruising to an 800 record w/o riding those horses into the ground. That lineup will see a lot more minutes in playoffs.
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