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There is an internet forum devoted to mid-century style (and preppy sportswear) at AAAC. http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...splay.php?f=41 very likely with more information than you would like. From their is a thread picturing what guys at the State Department were wearing on one particular day in February 1959. It should give good historical examples http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...t=foggy+bottom At the easiest level, the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald...
In the early 1960's, John Glenn wore bow ties to project his "Clean Marine" image. I imagaine that sometime over the course of that decade, bow ties would have become something eccentric.
At best, Jantzen oxford cloth fabric quality is hit or miss. True of all Jantzen fabrics, but selection of OC is especially weak. Most Jantzen OC fabric is finer and lighter weight than what you would get from Rugby, so it might have an advantage for summer.
Here is Ellsworth Bunker doing the same thing only better (both sartorially and diplomatically)
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman Wait, is the fabric stretchy? I imagine it'd be hard to put one on and take off without popping a seem. Most are pretty wide at the waist. I had mine made more tailored, but I admit I kind of have to twist it on.
I have Jantzen make these for me. The trad term for this type of shirt is popover. When I went there I took one that I got from Brooks just so they got the point. But the guy who measured me was actually wearing one (though in long sleeve). I wanted short sleeve. It shouldn't be so hard to explain this by mail.
Sorry, Korea is being forgotten here. For guys, Seoul is not far behind Tokyo and both are way ahead of #3, Hong Kong. Korean women are hands down the most stylish women in Asia. There's no contest really for the ladies.
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