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I went to the shop and ordered some buttondown with no lining. They agreed but couldn't quite believe that anyone would really want a truly unlined collar, so they put an extra piece of (unfused) cotton fabric inside the collar. It was really soft and the shirts were pinpoints, so I accepted them. I did point out that on future orders, I would like to have no lining. They agreed, but seemed genuinely puzzled that anyone would want a truly unlined collar. I just told them...
I know 8 or 9 years ago, maybe still, it was a thing for non-Christian Japanese couples to have two wedding ceremonies, one a trad. Shinto, another a fake Christian wedding in Western garb and I Do, Forever Hold your peace and so on. For the second, you didnt need a real minister but you did need a real white guy to perform the ceremony. Also, a Japanese Santa is low rent. Classy stores need a white guy.
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Quote: Originally Posted by NakedYoga So just fail them all. Im afraid they would report me for not wearing pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coburn Every few months I have that dream. I forgot to drop the class. Im a college professor. Sometimes I dream that I am a giving a test, but on the day of the final I show up and I forgot to make the exam.
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Quote: Originally Posted by intent I'll set you up: What, then, do black defendants dress in for court in Mississippi? Court?
In Mississippi, wealthy defendants are forced to appear in court dressed like the little guy in the Monopoly board game. Foreign defendants are required to wear national dress (berets, lederhosen, kimonos, etc.) The juries need to know whats what.
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