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Its pretty obvious this stuff is coming straight from Thibideau.You can believe one of two stories:1. A veteran player known for his calm demeanor decided, for no apparent game reason, to wrap up an opponent at mid court and, then, was so enraged when the intentional foul got shook off that he had a "blackout" and attacked the opponent, getting ejected for only the second time in his 15 year career.2. A dirty coach sent the most expendable guy in his rotation to start a...
One area where we probably agree is about the negative effects of the bizarre exemption given to universities to hire as many very low paid lab techs as they want as long as they call them grad students. There is probably some way to allow anyone admitted to a graduate program on a student visa to decide to switch to a 3-year working visa if they want.
Im not interested in petro engineers at all. Other engineering disciplines across the board have 40-50% premiums over other college graduates even though the number of US engineering grads is growing, obviously suggesting the demand for trained engineers is high. Importing foreign techworkers benefits US productivity. It is contested as to whether importing foreign tech workers raise salaries of domestically trained tech workers. I certainly agree that importing foreign...
Sweet or the Babys. Nazareth
aIknowright? I am deeper blue!Anyway, serious point, for painting anyway, I'm tired of post-modernism, and there is nothing else but to just go back to modernism.. These paintings by Ms. Lipsky are really great.
This is called "Gnomic".I can live with this as a likeness. I suppose I'll have to.
Call me a narcissist but I'd love to have my portrait painted in that rectangular style.
Whats the over on the number of FT Knicks shoot on Tuesday? 55?
H1B visa recipients have jobs lined up; that's the nature of the program. Admitting more foreign trained engineers will no doubt have more positive impact on wages of non-STEM workers than on wages of STEM workers, but given there are already large gaps in pay in favor of STEM workers that seems like not such a bad thing.
Weirdly, the US has in fact met its targets under the Kyoto Protocol; Carbon emissions are below their 1997 levels. This is because Jesus gave us a bunch of natural gas.
New Posts  All Forums: