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Admittedly, the outside of the building looks ugly at first view, but when you stare at the skypark it seems to float off the top of the buildings. Its really mesmerizing. The article doesn't mention it, but all the land surrounding the harbor is new, recently reclaimed. It used to be that Singapore kind of petered out into low rent bars and Vietnamese restaurants at the Boat Quay. The Sands, the Esplanade, the Marina have really changed the face of the city....
I had dinner there last night. It does seem nicer and less vulgar than the places in Macau. Whether thats a bug or a feature, I don't know. Who the hell goes to a casino for some refined, understated experience anyway.
J Press are high rise, fairly tight in the seat and thighs. Not as tapered to the ankle as should be, but as close as you might find, I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria [/i] - B Classify me as a submissive authoritarian
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma We were assuming you weren't entirely ignorant of the topic you so eagerly brought into the fold, we were wrong. Trying to divert the topic to a picayune discussion of the philosophy of science = you lose. Sorry, better luck next time.
You were assuming that someone posting in this forum wasn't an asshole? Obviously, you aren't an empiricist.
Theorists propose theories. Empiricists use experiment and observation to test theories. This edition of Sesame Street was brought to you by the letter "D".
No. I am an empiricist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Dude, you take a situation created by the current system and think it disproves another one, please... . Indeed, the most important limitation of empiricism is that it can only be used to evaluate ideas in the actual reality in which we live. In some alternate reality, perhaps anarchy might prove to work. As I live in this reality, however, I will prefer systems that work here.
As a center rightist and fully paid up foot soldier of the globalization agenda, I admit to having mixed feelings about the tactics of the Canadian government in dealing with these riots. On the one hand, its certainly the most sophisticated move. Inevitably, allowing extremists their full reign does more to discredit all leftists than any speech, editorial, or meeting ever could. Look, for example, how the violence in Athens just last month has put paid to the possibility...
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