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He literally told the judge he wants to make a run for it.
If true, he got what he deserved.
Seems significant that their best 5 (3 +Allen&Battier) are destroying everybody and they are cruising to an 800 record w/o riding those horses into the ground. That lineup will see a lot more minutes in playoffs.
Is SendGrid some sort of spam company? Their website says they specialize in "email deliverability".
[Should note this data is from a long, highly tendentious and often dubious, but still thoroughly interesting Ron Unz article the-myth-of-american-meritocracy/ ]
It says "up to" $5mil. Like any thing else, I am sure it is negotiable up front. Probably a discount for drone strike info, though.Probably those guys should turn themselves in and defend themselves in court.
One of the most amazing things about the Asian quota is how consistent it is on a year to year basis.Holistic admissions are one thing, but its hard to believe that they could do something like this w/o there being a separate Asian wait list (i.e. when one Asian turns down offer go to the Asian wait list to fill the spot).
I'm not a Scalia fan boy necessarily, but I do favorably recall a question he posed. If it turns out that a) selective public universities; b) diverse admissions; and c) equal protection; are mutually incompatible, on what possible legal basis would equal protection be what was dispensed with (a paraphrase).
It does seem unfair that Saddam Hussein was able to avoid blame for this mess.
I am open to the idea with more professional planning it could have gone better. But that would have cost a lot of money (obviously, it ended up costing a lot more at the end). Rumsfeld/Cheney global strategy was to show that worldwide American military dominance could be done at extremely low cost.
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