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Not my cup of fur.
Uniqlo M shirts fit like a 15/32.
That is just a picture of the J. Press logo. You can narrow down the age of the jacket by which stores are listed, but you can't really tell which line it is in. That tag is not current and is probably pretty old. You can probably figure out who made the jacket with the tag at the back of the neck.
This will be hanging in the National Portrait Gallery for centuries.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher How often did he leap from an exploding building and land in a tuck-and-roll while shooting three villains with one bullet just as he kicks out his foot and slays a fourth man with his boot knife (or whatever the hell happened in that noisy trailer)? How often did he defeat the head of a world wide criminal organization using his mastery of Asian martial arts and survive a fall off a 100m waterfall?
In the 120-ish dollar range, Buzz Rickson Original spec (not the military repros) might be a good choice. Also JPress chinos have a low rise but are pretty slim across seat and thighs.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Who knows, you can't keep your shoes on anymore. If I remember correctly, the answer is yes, but it probably depends on the shoe/boot-maker. That particular bit of security theater is peculiar to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. One hopes that a pair of either Allen-Edmonds or Aldens will outlast it even there.
Do metal shanks actually set off metal detectors in airports?
Quote: Originally Posted by AlSailor Its purpose is the same as the purpose of the bottom button that you never button. I think this is right. Once upon a time, people wore jackets with really high buttons. Like this When they began rolling the lapel to a lower stance people kept some of the higher button holes, because doing away with them just looked wrong. We still have a button hole at the very top of the lapel. Why keep that...
Thanks for posting this. This is fascinating.
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