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Seems like he motivated himself more than his teammates.
I guess it goes w/o saying that any "big reveal" would only be interesting if it was a foundation for future character or plot development. Since, you are getting all serious, what I meant was that the doppelganger/parallel life was a recurring motif of this season; for instance: the promotional poster; Harry Hamlin is "Roger Sterling w/bad breath"; Megan plays a soap character with an evil twin; Peggy's replacement at SCDP is a less smart, less attractive version of...
It would be a nice parallel to Draper if Benson assumed his phony identity to dodge the draft (nice contrast w/ Greg, too).
Rightly so. For representative government to work, government officials must be obligated to truthfully answer questions about their professional performance. Private citizens should be free to take the 5th and I hope she has every opportunity to exercise that right in that capacity.
Nice try by Pacecars, but starting 5 all played more than 40 minutes. They will be as dusted as Bulls by Game 3. Could someone help me out? I know white people are supposed to hate LeBron, but I'm a little out of the loop and I didn't get the memo. Could someone remind me why?
Basically no plot. Only character development was Peggy increasingly waking up to the fact that she is the one who should actually be in charge. Pretty great on establishing the atmosphere of fear and loathing/darkness that Hunter Thompson and Norman Mailer tells us was characteristic of the time. Crime, parental neglect, Vietnam, teen sex, bad drug trips, corporate malfunctioning and the general sense that the inmates had taken over the asylum. Genuinely disturbing. Don...
If Wade is Wade, Miami will have no problem handling Pacers, even 80% Wade will go no more than 6 games.
They say that earlier in the season, Jason Kidd was really important for swinging the ball around the arc to find good looks for the Knicks, but now he just shoots too badly to be on the court.
Benson is Draper 2.0. His background and maybe name are made up. Told old money Pete his family always worked at Brown Bros. and told Don that he was from central Pa.
New Posts  All Forums: