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There's almost a general principle here, usually when you've painted your self into a corner, doing the right thing is the smart thing. Upsides: Most importantly, Obama is off the hook either way; he heightens an emerging split in the GOP between interventionists and Paulish types and makes republican representatives choose a side. Downsides: He puts Democratic representatives on the hook too. He gives GOP an opportunity to cancel sequester effects on defense spending w/o...
Peace on Earth Paz en la tierra السلام على الأرض Peace on lub ntiaj teb [Does Hmong really not have a word for "Peace"?; that makes me sad]
I was thinking bi-lingual in Spanish obviously. But we should probably also translate into Arabic and possibly Hmong.
Instead of dropping bombs, we should shower the country with leaflets bearing one simple message: "Peace on Earth."
Since Obama's overseas birth is entirely fictional, it should be easy to modify the story to make it completely different from Cruz situation.
I thought this season was pretty good except for the last episode. Final identity of the killer has to be one of the most effed out premises in crime drama, done even more preposterously than usual. You could tell that even the actor didn't buy into the twist; listening to him drone out his ridiculous supposed motivations was painful.
To Rick Barry?
I wondered about that part too. I guess the answer ishttp://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2013/07/22/zimmerman-verdict-86-percent-of-african-americans-disapprove/"Some 60 percent of Hispanics say blacks and other minorities do not receive equal treatment with whites in the criminal justice system, and by a two-to-one ratio, they disapprove of the verdict in the Zimmerman trial."I thought the interesting thing about this case is that it seems to be almost a...
He turned down $10 million player option from Wolves. To ride the bench.
Maybe (though showtime lakers were mostly drafted). I was thinking Lakers want to have enough cap space next summer for two max contracts plus a discounted Kobe. Could be hanging onto his contract for another year, gives them the most cap room.
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