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Frederick Forsyth's Day of the Jackal is another all time classic.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler Dark Star by Alan Furst. This is right. Furst is definitely the best going now. Writes about spies in the forgotten corners of WWII, usually Eastern Europe. Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Not new, but Charles McCarry's books are great. Just finished Tears of Autumn. It was fine and McCarry is good at conveying a flavor or atmosphere of reality. Characters bear only...
Quote: Originally Posted by archmano Why do you think the sets are mediocre? I think the show has a good feel to it. Show looks good, but writing and acting are completely blah. Suggesting they crap out on set design since otherwise they seem to be going for mediocrity.
If the makers of Boardwalk Empire are looking for ways to make this show more mediocre, I would recommend spending a little less money on set design. Otherwise, there is not much else they could do.
Sterling will land a big client next episode. Roger only works as a character if he is on top making quips. As a loser, he is dead weight as a character, neither fun enough for comedy relief or deep enough for darker stories. Just boring. On the other hand, one of the good things about Mad Men is they don't mind getting rid of characters, even good ones like Paul or Sal. The Wire got weighed down by too many characters.
In college, knew a Vietnamese guy named Phuc U
In Hong Kong, the fast food restaurants make their workers choose an English name to wear on their tag (e.g. 'Shark' Li, 'Bee' Tsang, or whatever). Its kind of a cliched expat joke to laugh at them, but their kids making a buck and I'm sure they could care less what some old white guy thinks of their Nom de Large Fries. On the other hand, I still get a chuckle out of the girl at Haagen-Dazs who called herself "Money" Ho.
Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix Experience
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith I think Lucky Strike was one of the brands which were included in WWII combat rations. By the early 80's, that WWII vet demographic probably didn't do much for the image of the brand. Yeah, still Camel stayed current.
Five episodes left for an end of series arc. Wonder which way they will go. Probably 1) Bert Cooper will die because he has no role to play on the show. Hopefully, he will have a swan song focusing on how the Sixties looks to someone his age; or 2) the younger guys will force him out since he doesn't play any role in the business (except maybe capital financing, not sure how the economics of a small ad firm would work on that) and he must have a large draw; or 3) Lucky...
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