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Are there actual Jets fans? (as opposed to Giants fans who jump on the bandwagon when it gets going)
That was quick. Packers vs. Rapers. Is this a push or does the Pack get a point?
They occasionally have sales in which they sell their old stock at up to 70% off. However, if it did happen, it happens at 6 month remove. For example, if they have a clearance sale next month, it would probably be for summer suits. The price on the suit posted by the OP won't drop online for 6 months at least, if it ever does.
How much better to spend the weekend on the beach with Gisele than running around some icy field with those horrible brutes. Have a nice winter, Tom.
Will the Packers be favorites going in to Chicago next week?
If you buy today, at 15% off sale, this should be about $300. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=§ionsize=
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya I don't think it's bad necessarily, i just think for a non straight-repro brand their denim can be a bit more interesting. They're selling jeans at the same price point as the other Japanese brands but using a far cheaper denim from the same mills. Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch Most companies make a 66 repro. For accuracy, I would go with Sugar Cane. The Pherrow's 466 is a fair choice...
Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen Shell shoes may not be on sale but the shell belts - in black, burgandy and tan (that, from the photo, looks very much like whiskey) are. Thanks!
I was wondering what the local wisdom on Pherrow's jeans (could not find by searching). The local denim store has some in a 1966 Levi's repro style (which I insist on), model 466SW, I guess and was I thinking about getting some. The raw denim looks fine, but if someone had some opinion on their overall quality, durability, etc. it would be interesting to hear. I am going to Tokyo next month, should I wait to get the 1966 Sugarcanes there. Any other companies make a...
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