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It might be better to take the opposite tack. That is, create a gun equivalent to the traffic ticket. Allow police to write citations for reckless gun use which have relatively light civil penalties but low conviction standards. This would allow the legit pulling of gun licenses for too many violations at lower cost.
Great news. Monetary policy differences between Yellen & Summers are small relative to Yellen's far superior administrative and communication skills. Summers seems to be an obvious stooge of the 2Big2Fail crony capitalists.
Maybe your right. I just remember how hard it was for SC to find the right guy after the sanctions in the early 80's.
Be careful. I am sure what you meant to say was the NCAA is about to lose a defamation suit for maliciously and recklessly alleging that someone on the USC coaching staff knew. But that's the way it goes. If you sue, then they have to prove that you knew about it. If you don't get a lawyer than you have to prove that you didn't know about. The NCAA, mostly by incompetence, have created an environment that schools always do better by not co-operating and fighting them in...
The problem with firing Kiffin is who do you replace him with? To rebuild, they would need a first rank coach but none are available in September. Even in January, I doubt the most coveted guys are going to be beating down USC's door with two more years of sanctions in place. Speaking of sanctions, it seems like YahooSports has the goods on a bunch of SEC players accepting money from agents. Just like Reggie Bush. But you know those schools are smart (and scurrilous)...
There's almost a general principle here, usually when you've painted your self into a corner, doing the right thing is the smart thing. Upsides: Most importantly, Obama is off the hook either way; he heightens an emerging split in the GOP between interventionists and Paulish types and makes republican representatives choose a side. Downsides: He puts Democratic representatives on the hook too. He gives GOP an opportunity to cancel sequester effects on defense spending w/o...
Peace on Earth Paz en la tierra السلام على الأرض Peace on lub ntiaj teb [Does Hmong really not have a word for "Peace"?; that makes me sad]
I was thinking bi-lingual in Spanish obviously. But we should probably also translate into Arabic and possibly Hmong.
Instead of dropping bombs, we should shower the country with leaflets bearing one simple message: "Peace on Earth."
Since Obama's overseas birth is entirely fictional, it should be easy to modify the story to make it completely different from Cruz situation.
New Posts  All Forums: