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Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto Dude, I said a couple of months prior to the break that the Lakers needed to make a trade because this current team isn't that good. You already mentioned some of the problems. The comment was made because I am convinced these guys are not going to win and there is no switch. I hope I am wrong, but last year they didn't have Bynum and now they do. They been struggling too much lately to not be...
Gasol has tank it every once in a while to show that when he has a bad game, the Lakers lose no matter what Kobe does. In Game 2, Pau will have a great game, Kobe will score 20 on 7-29 shooting, Lakers will win and Lakers fans will carry Bryant off the court.
According to USNews, DePaul student body is 55% female and 45% male. Ohio State is reverse. Play the odds and go to DePaul.
If you were LA, OKC or Mavs, don't you want to play Hornets instead of Denver or Blazers? It'll be fun to watch the tawdry spectacle of these three trying to line up their wins and losses over the next week so they can draw NO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. Someone tell me WHY Luke Walton is still with the Lakers. Does his Dad have a picture of Jerry Buss with a goat? Has untradable contract, they'd have to pay him anyway and also pay another 12th man a min. contract. Plus, salary aside he's almost the ideal 12th man. He even looks like a cheerleader.
I like the food at O'Hare. Wish they could get my luggage off in time for me to make my domestic flight, ever. In fairness, the luggage people or TSA need the time to break into my luggage, about half the time. I like the Baskin & Robbins at Incheon departure. I am pretty much hungover, 100% of the time I leave that city, so I need the ice cream. Food at Asiana business, no great shakes. KAL much better. I transferred at Copenhagen once. If you offered me a chance...
Mullin in Hall of Fame = the soft bigotry of low expectations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Fairly sure that Gant pretty much invented the trad shirt along side Brooks Brothers/Ralph Lauren. True, but they are on their nth incarnation now. They are kind of a hipster oriented neo-trad brand now and being designed by Michael Bastian.
Might try Gitman or Gant. Also look at Mercer's.
Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams This has been discussed. I think it looks feminine but I did a poll here and no one esle agreed with me. However, I was looking through a fashion book on the preppy look from the 60's and there wee several examples of men in shorts with leather loafers without socks.
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