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Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai sfmoma is pretty reliable. they stole our best curator. Thanks. Will check it out, next time in Frisco.
Any museums in San Francisco that compare with the museums in LA?
DeJuan Blair has no knee ligaments. He is playing on borrowed time. Great match for a team like SA, terrible for Denver. How old is Jerry Sloan? He looked about 80 at his press conference. Makes me think that Deron is right. Time to go.
Probably nobody's favorite, but John Ford's cavalry trilogy deserve a mention at least, particularly Fort Apache.
Packers are probably a better team overall and seem to have the match-up advantage especially after the injury on the Steelers O-line. Packers seem to benefit most from the turf. Still, the Packers are really inconsistent and inexperienced. Worst, the Packers big weakness is they can't hold a lead. I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if the spread for the halftime score wasn't a touchdown. The Packers offense always goes conservative when they get up a couple of...
Are there actual Jets fans? (as opposed to Giants fans who jump on the bandwagon when it gets going)
That was quick. Packers vs. Rapers. Is this a push or does the Pack get a point?
They occasionally have sales in which they sell their old stock at up to 70% off. However, if it did happen, it happens at 6 month remove. For example, if they have a clearance sale next month, it would probably be for summer suits. The price on the suit posted by the OP won't drop online for 6 months at least, if it ever does.
How much better to spend the weekend on the beach with Gisele than running around some icy field with those horrible brutes. Have a nice winter, Tom.
Will the Packers be favorites going in to Chicago next week?
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