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Even better news. The only reason that Summers was so heavily pushed by the Citibank crowd was that they dont think Yellen is a corrupt stooge. Of course, inevitably, the big money center banks will have an outsized influence on monetary policy, but at least she is not a complete crook.
You might want to bear this in mind when we get to the end game. Obama is bluffing when he says that we must default if Congress does not extend the debt ceiling. He has plenty of legal authority and I am sure that Treasury can find a way to pay bond holders. However, it will be unthinkable that Social Security recipients miss a check. Its inevitable that Obama will pay them and just start prioritizing payments as he sees fit. Inevitably, if Congress refuses to set budget...
One of the best non-fiction books of the year. Detailed account of the Battle of Dien Bien phu and the logistic difficulties of both sides. http://www.amazon.com/Embers-War-Americas-Vietnam-ebook/dp/B007EED4P8/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381106880&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=longevail
Hope Todd escapes with Lydia as his loveslave.
Absolutely. Next time, it most likely wont be a schizophrenic or a terrorist. It may well be a depressed guy shoots his wife and kids or a bunch of people shopping at the wrong liquor store when it gets robbed. Very solid chance it might even be several urban youth standing on a street corner.
I stand corrected. I guess we will have to wait 14 days if that chart is true (am willing to stipulate), not 9 days.
Maybe it fizzled out because of how predictable double digit mass slayings are in the US. In 9 or so days on average, there will be a shooter who will kill 3-4+ people, and within a 8-10 weeks one of those mass killers will manage to kill more than 10 people, Will he be Arab, wiil he be black, here's what she said to me, Que Sera Sera.
At point, Yellen was at one point a visible leader of a faction at the Fed who were pushing a greater emphasis on more expansionary policies and de-emphasizing fears about inflation. It seems that Bernanke was a member of that same faction, but was taking a less visible stance, preferring to build consensus. Current policy seems to reflect their joint views, amongst which there does not seem to be much daylight. The FOMC seems to be signalling that QEIII has reached its...
It might be better to take the opposite tack. That is, create a gun equivalent to the traffic ticket. Allow police to write citations for reckless gun use which have relatively light civil penalties but low conviction standards. This would allow the legit pulling of gun licenses for too many violations at lower cost.
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