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Mullin in Hall of Fame = the soft bigotry of low expectations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Fairly sure that Gant pretty much invented the trad shirt along side Brooks Brothers/Ralph Lauren. True, but they are on their nth incarnation now. They are kind of a hipster oriented neo-trad brand now and being designed by Michael Bastian.
Might try Gitman or Gant. Also look at Mercer's.
Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams This has been discussed. I think it looks feminine but I did a poll here and no one esle agreed with me. However, I was looking through a fashion book on the preppy look from the 60's and there wee several examples of men in shorts with leather loafers without socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBC Socks: I do not like them in a loafer. I do not like them with a buck. I do not like them as a golfer. I do not like them when I fuck I do not like them here or there. I do not like them anywhere. I do not like them, Trad I am. Can you say fuck on Style Forum?
Isn't the sockless look supposed to evoke the beach or boating? Sand and water and socks don't mix. Which is why mini-sox (fake) and sockless laceups (why are you wearing wingtips to the beach?) seem wrong to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Yes. How dare these diabolical cowards keep scamming people into academia? Crazy thought, guys: some folks actually want to go into research, or teaching, or publishing within the humanities. That's why these degrees and programs exist. That's what they're supposed to be for. Are there a lot of frustrated chumps out there with MAs, slinging caramel macchiatos at their local SBux? Sure. But those people deluded...
The scam that these humanities graduate progams run is diabolical. Imagine encouraging some chump to borrow 70k to get an MA in English. The gap between the moral self-regard of these people and the way they live their lives is unfathomable.
On the bright side, if you were working in Kenya, they would be looking for actual witches.
Why not go to geoexpat.com and start a thread there. Might get more informed responses. I am white and not in business, but I think that HK Chinese are in general very practical minded and, especially, these days, comfortable working with foreigners of all stripes. Navigating in a new and very international environment will present a lot of challenges. My guess is racism won't be in the top 10.
New Posts  All Forums: