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Honestly, I am not following you. What do you mean by "just sat the offer until it expired"? To me, what the guy said is that he gave offers to candidates with a deadline of 10 days and when they had not accepted the offer after 10 days, the offer lapsed. I am not sure what is the ethical problem with that.
Well, I think you might be misreading that guy's point. He claimed that in a few cases, after several rounds of negotiations failed and the deadline passed, offers lapsed.
I definitely see your point. Be careful though, just because a school doesn't concentrate on research doesn't mean they necessarily have great teaching. A SLAC prof with a 4-4 load and 3-3 preps probably has about as much time for any given class or student as an R1 prof with a 2-1 load and a heavy research expectation. Elite teaching schools will usually have lighter class loads. (Translation: $$$$$$$)A good thing about the many places like Nazareth College is cultural...
The way the "game is played" is that the department makes an offer and gives the candidate X days to consider (X depends on situation and can be Honestly, I would be surprised to find out govt research labs operate differently in this respect than do universities or colleges. The G-men in my field usually operate in the Ph.D market along similar lines. They usually have less negotiating room than private schools, but it would be weird if they withdrew an offer because a...
In most occupations, even the law, most people would feel that a prospective employee's offering (in writing) to commit a serious breach of professional ethics would be reasonable grounds for an employer to rescind a job offer.In the case of the philosophy Ph.D., I thought this was pretty smart and thorough analysis.http://theprofessorisin.com/2014/03/14/the-rescinded-offer-who-is-in-the-wrong/
One of the parties violated accepted norms of behavior in the academic job market. I find it fun to assert that these norms are properly different than in other industries. Other people apparently find it fun to assert different norms are improper.
I would pretty much disagree with this on all the particulars. I doubt that they were ticked off by a request of clarification on maternity leave, since its pretty obvious they have some sort of arrangement, and most people are happy to tout the benefits that they (are forced to) offer.Also, the candidate did not ask to teach fewer classes, she just asked for a limit on class preps (i.e. she asked to teach multiple sessions of the same class). Such arrangements are pretty...
Fair point. Though, I always thought the Infinity Engine games had the best mechanics ever, just Torment didn't use them well. Did you get the EE of BG or BG2?
Played it, liked it but didn't love it. I've never played a game with a better story than P:T, but I've read hundreds of books with better stories. Like it or not, the thing that video games are really good at is presenting manageable strategic or tactical situations or puzzle solving. P:T didn't do an exceptional job at any of those things.
Well, sympathy/empathy, either way. My contention is the department responded badly. But yeah, if what you say is true, then it does make me think that gender had a lot less to do with it (although, it might also raise the notion that older women are less tolerant of the foibles of young women than older men are of their younger counterparts, which might be more interesting actually).You deserve credit for your careful research.Many of the participants in this thread...
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