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That song does have a great arc for an end credit tune, I will stick with "Never Had a Dream Come True,"though since Stevie Wonder is kind of an intrinsically upbeat singer and I think they will leave on an upnote.
I read somewhere, maybe Sepinwall, that some of the episodes would go longer than an hour, but I think not 2 hours.
"Yesterme Yesteryou Yesterday" is too on the nose. Actually, "I Never Had a Dream Come True" might fit better.
If there is a pool for last fade-to-black song, put me down for Stevie Wonder, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours"
The 1/2 season seems to be an extended epilogue in which all of the characters experience major events that sketch out the rest of their lives. Given the limited time left, I guess that once it seems that a characters story has a pin in it, then the pin will remain in place. Though the characters will make another appearance, Ken's, Megan's, and now Joan's stories have all been resolved.My guess is that Roger will go to LA to fire Lou Avery, hook up with Julia Ormond and...
For some reason that seemed like watching a bottle episode of Archer with Megan as Lana, Harry as Cyril, and the down-low waitress as Pam. If Peggy had growled like a cat when Mimi Rogers stroked her chin she would have been a dead-on Cheryl.
You are likely to have more dropped passes when you throw quick passes to the slot or into the middle which is what the Patriots do. Deflating the ball allowed them to play an extremely risky passing game with only average number of dropped balls. Or that would be the story. Not sure if you could really get away with an underweight ball for 5 years.I wonder how they will handle the balls during the Superbowl. Will the Patriots footballs be under guard by US marshals?
Disappointing. Special teams players missed key assignments on critical plays. Why does GB always have such crappy special teams?
They had enough evidence to convict that guy for the murder, if you found the star witness credible. The jury obviously found the witness credible and it would be hard to argue that no reasonable person could have found him credible. So, that pretty much is that. From what we know about human nature, its hard to believe that someone could go from zero history of violent behavior to premeditatedly strangling his ex-girlfriend in a parking lot. If people were like that,...
Heat can beat the Spurs iff all of the Big 3 have a great game. Can that happen four times in seven games? Yes it can. Heat in 7.
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