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Wouldn't Prince be the recording artist most likely to fake his own death? Just saying.
I think the sentence you get typically depends on the circumstances of the crime.
http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/20/nyregion/peter-liang-ex-new-york-police-officer-sentenced-akai-gurley-shooting-death-brooklyn.html Judge changes manslaughter conviction to negligent homicide, gives no jail time. Seems correct to me.
Swedes are cracking downhttps://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/denmark-a-social-welfare-utopia-takes-a-nasty-turn-on-refugees
They call it Stockholm Syndrome for a reason.
Billionaire donors love Rubio almost as much they love Jeb. Obviously, he is more willing to play ball then Cruz. But Rubio isn't really a center right candidate; other than immigration, he is a checklist hard-right candidate. The center right voters who prefer Jeb or Kasich (or Christie for that matter) aren't necessarily going to be in the bag for Marco. I think Trump and Cruz are personally heinous, but policy-wise there seems to be more to like about them than Rubio.
The day has come. I wonder if they will burn down Bush 2016 campaign HQ to collect on fire insurance.
Bush campaign has pretty much always been a grift. The campaign will shut down when the campaign managers have looted every last dime of the 9 figure sum they raised.
Meh, looks like they offered BLM their own special rec room/safe space, and then promised to form a bunch of committees and that kind of thing. Thats not really caving.
I have an MBA from the University of Japan.
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