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Murders in Baltimore 2014: 211 2015: 344 2016: 169 to date
You are thinking Joe Jackson
I would not bet against you.
Does this mean the metric system is banned? Free the Pint!
Probably, the Knights of the Vale took a similarly convenient path. I look forward to reading about it in some future book.
Actually now that you mention it, it does seem pretty bogus how the Riders of Rohan got the drop on the Nazgul at the Battle of Pellenor Fields. Those idiots were actually flying around on giant lizards and they missed a massive army of horseman riding up to the battlefield?
I enjoyed this episode. In the moment, the fight scenes were pretty dramatic. Its possible that some of the battle might not stand up to more intense scrutiny, but that's fine.
A. I was only talking about politics, not policy.B. Petraeus' policy is nuts, but not so different than our current policy. God help us when Hilary gets in there.C. For the sake of truth in trolling, I will be voting for Gary Johnson this year.
1. He is arguably competent to be Commander-in-Chief. At least as much as anybody is.2. He might do it. Its his only chance to get back into politics.3. Trump doesn't need an attack dog.4. Trump does need someone who can help him benefit from international instability.5. Attacking Hillary's email issue and Bill's rape issue will work much better as counter-attacks.6. Trump likes a stick-man.
New Posts  All Forums: