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Does anyone know if Oregon or Stanford are hurt in BCS computer rankings by the fact that USC is unranked? When the computers assess Oregon's record, do they say that Oregon lost a close game to a 10-2 team, or do they see that they lost to a team out of the top 25? Just wondering.
Can't really blame the Pac12 replay booth trying to send the conference champ to the BCS. Oregon kicker couldn't pull it off though. Suck it Ducks!
Nice to see Cam Newton's not feeling a sophomore slump in his second pro season.
Probably the shopping and nightlife you want will be in Central. Hotels in Central are usually very expensive. But cabs and subway (before midnight) in HK are reliable and extremely cheap. So staying in the neighborhoods on the island a few minutes away from Central shouldn't be a big stumbling block.
Gonna be another tough year for the Men of Troy. Not enough manpower to play all 60 minutes. At least things seem to be even worse at the Dome.
Infuriatingly, the head of the NCAA infractions committee that persecuted USC was the AD at Miami. How does the AD at Miami get to be head of the infractions committee anyway?
A must watch. Climactic scene is a tour de force.
I am not sure why the link to Slate does not show up. Here it is
I'm an academic (in a field toward the quantitative end of the social sciences) who moved overseas about 15 years ago. It worked out great for me and I would go so far as to say that any PhD who does not conduct a global job search is pretty much a fool (personal circumstances permitting). Particularly in smaller countries, universities care about their global reputation, happily hire American trained PhD's and often teach classes in English. These days there are quite a...
By coincidence, the same author published a similar article in Slate today.I doubt at this point, though , that anyone going into a Ph.D. program is unaware of the job market situation. I suspect that most entrants understand that there is a very high probability that after graduation they will go through a long period of marginal employment and may not ever land a satisfying job in their field. The problem is that most young people going into Ph.D. programs already are...
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