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How long has it been like this?
Somehow I think of Risky Business or Fast Times at Ridgmont High, though neither captured the quintessence of Bruckheimeriness or Spielbergitude. Excepting the James Cameron stuff, how much do the classic 80's movies hold up today?
Assuming that we are all working at SF fall back salaries, I think almost everyone would give up a boring drone job to pursue their passion without compromise for a quarter or even less. The problem is that all those pursuits, would end up, in reality, require so much passion draining compromise as to be self defeating. Say your passion is Civil War history. Would you take $63,000 a year to be Shelby Foote writing tomes in your modest homes and giving the occasional...
Hey, do they still have "The Red Onion" in LA? That's my image of a downtown LA bar, or something on Skid Row maybe. Guess things have changed.
Say it isn't so, TweakerCop, say it isn't so! I wasn't so much bothered by not finding out the killer since it wasn't much of a whodunit anyway. Also, the final twist might have made a good storyline to finish the season. But this mystery is pretty much tapped out and I was hoping that next season, they would keep the good things about the show and improve the story telling a bit with a new case. So, not much interest in seeing them play out this crapped out string....
I couldn't have been more wrong. Hats off to the Mavs.
I really enjoyed that last episode, but I was about 5 pints to the good when I watched it. Nice to see other people liked it to. Tweakercop for President.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa I love it when people don't know what they're talking about... http://espn.go.com/blog/pac12/post/_...at-it-deserved Well said Mr. Miller from ESPN. Some more from ESPN "Pryor is being investigated by the NCAA for the cars he has driven over his three years as a Buckeye, The Columbus Dispatch has reported. The newspaper also said NCAA investigators are looking into more than 50 vehicle...
New Posts  All Forums: