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Let me just say, I appreciate this serious response. I will try to respond point by point despite Douglas lame insult at the begiinning.All academic job offers are referred. That is not even a question. You still have not addressed how you would responded to a referred job offer. Why such bad faith?But let's pretend it were the case, and that it did matter.I have stated over and over again that rescinding a job offer violates the rules of the game. Not playing by the...
Thought so.Ha, ha. Thought so.
No, i dont understand your argument. I am pretty certain, you cannot even restate your argument coherently. Seriously, state it in a paragraph.
He asked for a response to his argument about ethics. I gave him one.
Academia is a small world. People behave as if the people who refer job candidates are either friendly acquaintances or might well soon be. You seem to have very strong opinions about how other people in different situations should act, but it seems to be more of a problem of you not grasping the situation.Am I wrong? Would you renege on a job offer to a naive job candidate if they were a friend of someone you might have business with in the future? Is it that hard to...
For those following along at home, here is the obscure pasage from the obscure article in this obscure magazine that we are talking about. "A longtime philosophy chair at a large research university who has been part of nearly 20 faculty searches and who requested anonymity, said he’s never rescinded an offer. But he has “let the clock run out” on several candidates from whom extensive negotiation requests “confirm” flags raised about collegiality or “fit” during...
Yes. And I suppose I imposed on that narrative an assumption that a reasonable person would only stop responding to requests after several rounds.Hypothetically, which is worse, a) rescinding an offer after an unreasonable counter-offer or b) leaving the offer on the table but failing to offer any sort of response whatsoever? Pretty obvious a).
Honestly, I am not following you. What do you mean by "just sat the offer until it expired"? To me, what the guy said is that he gave offers to candidates with a deadline of 10 days and when they had not accepted the offer after 10 days, the offer lapsed. I am not sure what is the ethical problem with that.
Well, I think you might be misreading that guy's point. He claimed that in a few cases, after several rounds of negotiations failed and the deadline passed, offers lapsed.
I definitely see your point. Be careful though, just because a school doesn't concentrate on research doesn't mean they necessarily have great teaching. A SLAC prof with a 4-4 load and 3-3 preps probably has about as much time for any given class or student as an R1 prof with a 2-1 load and a heavy research expectation. Elite teaching schools will usually have lighter class loads. (Translation: $$$$$$$)A good thing about the many places like Nazareth College is cultural...
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