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Fair point. Though, I always thought the Infinity Engine games had the best mechanics ever, just Torment didn't use them well. Did you get the EE of BG or BG2?
Played it, liked it but didn't love it. I've never played a game with a better story than P:T, but I've read hundreds of books with better stories. Like it or not, the thing that video games are really good at is presenting manageable strategic or tactical situations or puzzle solving. P:T didn't do an exceptional job at any of those things.
Well, sympathy/empathy, either way. My contention is the department responded badly. But yeah, if what you say is true, then it does make me think that gender had a lot less to do with it (although, it might also raise the notion that older women are less tolerant of the foibles of young women than older men are of their younger counterparts, which might be more interesting actually).You deserve credit for your careful research.Many of the participants in this thread...
Its not a matter of sympathy. Its a matter of understanding whether men behave emotionally rather than rationally when they negotiate employment conditions with young women. And I do think there is reason to believe that the Nazareth philosophy chair behaved improperly.One other thing to consider is that if we were really talking about applying the norms of much of the US private sector, EVERY single senior member of the Nazareth department likely could/should/would be...
Obviously, this seems like a naive job candidate doing a really bad job of negotiating, but I do think that the department at Nazareth College's response was stupid, surprising and a bit offensive. This does seem like somebody exercising personal pique at the expense of the interests of their institution (and I wouldn't rule out sexism). In academia, it is considered contrary to the norms of appropriate behavior to rescind a job offer even if you change your mind about...
Its cool that they are all wearing balaclavas. Like if we outfitted our troops with panama hats for Operation Just Cause.
I like this post and mostly agree butBasketball players are definitely a lot biffer, than they were 30 years ago. I bet the average guy on the Miami Heat spends more time in the weight room than all of the 77 Blazers combined (including Maurice Lucas).The stuff about people getting hammered for dunking is more the 60s than the 80s. There were plenty of dunks in the era of Clyde Drexler and Dominique Wilkins.Defense wasnt that physical in the 80s, at least until the era of...
True, but that is an F-up. Cohle met the same dude, mowing the lawn, outside the school in 1995 and he looked the same age.Anyway, its clear that guy is old enough.
Well, we haven't seen him in action. I suppose that is the way it goes with serial killers, if you see them in the light of day they seem pretty innocuous. I guess what is scary about this killer is that it is, in fact, a whole family of killers, and the lawnmower guy is just off the hook, like he has to hang his killings out in public every 20 years or so. [[SPOILER]]
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