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What is it with Showtime? Remember, in the first season, Dexter was also considered one of the best shows on TV. But after the second season, it became terrible. Tried to watch an episode or two of the final season for old times sake, but it was just painfully stupid. Doubt Homeland will make it that far.
Let Ford be Ford!
This is pretty much exactly wrong. Most typical elections are uninformative, since candidates are selected to match the electorate. Outcomes for atypical elections tell you a lot.For example, Virginia is a bellweather state. A heavily funded candidate who is as close to Hillary Clinton as it is possible to be played so poorly in Virginia that even a complete right-wang crank was very competitive. This should be very helpful for the GOP in figuring out how much they need to...
Don''t married people skew white, prosperous, and older? Does marital status add anything to that when predicting voting patterns?
Good point. Mcauliffe seems sleazy, even by the standards of Clinton henchmen (!).
Cucinelli didn't do so bad considering what a nut job he is. Seems like people have already forgot about the shutdown and remembered how much they dont like Obamacare.
He's the best damn mayor Toronto ever had. Who cares about his personal life?
That is a great article. I wouldn't have even thought it was possible for me to become more cynical about the NCAA, but I did. I have tended to think of the NCAA as simply a representative of its constituents, the various colleges and universities that are its members. But the article clarified, that beyond being that, the NCAA is itself a bureaucratic institution driven by its own internal imperatives, mainly self preservation and self interest. Which I think you see in...
So Miami ran a pay-for-play system for a decade. A certified booster plied recruits with cash, booze and hookers. Multiple coaches across different coaching regimes knew about it and they get no bowl ban, no loss of wins, and lose a minimal number of scholarships. NCAA are pimps.
Well, there is a French movie. You can watch it on youtube. But I don't think it is very good. Bad in the way French movies are bad. Combat scenes are a bunch of artillery blasts on a hillside in the background as two French dudes exchange philosophical epigrams in the foreground. Too bad, cause it looks like they spent a fair amount on it, shot on location with lots of cooperation from VietNam.
New Posts  All Forums: