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I usually think if teams continually blow close games in the 4th quarter, it indicates poor physical conditioning (happens more in college than pro). I wonder if Tebow's style of play just starts to wear out defenses by the 4th quarter.
Celts sign Jeff Green, so I guess they are standing pat. Magic want Bynum & Gasol for Howard. Lakers should jump on that and sign Deron in summer.
Stern is so far ahead of us we can't even see him: 1) Basketball in New Orleans is dead; 2) Dan Gilbert takes the blame (who do you think leaked the above email); 3) Chris Paul will still end up on big market team next year; 4) Hornets will get even less compensation for losing him. Mission accomplished.
See Major League
Perfect. Billups for Paul. Nothing would demoralize New Orleans fans more than a peeved, aging former star like Chauncey dragging his carcass up and down the court. Probably would work with the cap.
A. The NBA owns the Hornets; B. New Orleans can't support a mediocre to bad basketball team. C. The Hornets could be sold for hundreds of millions to an ownership group that would move the franchise. D. The team would be easier to move if it were so terrible that no one in NOLA went to games. E. The NBA would like to see popular, superstars in big markets A--E means the owners of the Hornets benefit from dealing Paul in a horrible one-sided trade with Knicks or Lakers,...
I thought the point of playing through the whistle was to make the other team lose their cool. Seems like it is always the Lions who are the ones to lose their cool.
A lot of this is a red herring. OkieState is a fly by night school and Alabama is one of the most storied programs in college football. I have no doubt that fact colored the votes of many coaches and sportswriters who were trying to weigh the relative strengths of two very good teams. I don't think thats such a terrible injustice either. I'm not particularly eager to see college football become the plaything of every decrepit corporate raider who wants to kick in a couple...
These seem like a really critical few months for the UCLA program. USC is down 30 scholarships for the next 3 years. Those 30 players could be the foundation of a championship program that can successfully recruit the talent rich SoCal area. Right now, a UCLA coach can (accurately) tell recruits that if they go to SC their team will never be deep enough to be national champions. Next year, that will be less true, the following year not at all. If they don't have a great...
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